piątek, 1 lutego 2019

Sylwia and Toby in Nasielsk

On Friday the 14.12.2018 we were to visit in Nasielsk. Sylwia gave a lecture on volunteer work, Tobias finally gave a presentation about Germany and also a quiz.

poniedziałek, 3 grudnia 2018

Learning, fun and party in Zabrodzie

on 29.11 we were invited to a school in Zabrodzie to play games but also to teach the students. This was not easy, as we had to adapt to different age groups and English levels. This worked very well. While Sergio was allowed to teach the students basketball for the first two hours, Tobias has improved the English skills of the young students through games. then both worked together. We found a mix of learning and playing. afterwards there were at the children Andrzejki party. Tired but also happy we made ourselves finally on the way home.

Independence day at Serock with mentally diverse people!

On the 8th of November our team of volunteers was kindly invited to Serock to collaborate in the activities the center had prepared for its users in commemoration of the 100 years of Polish independence. After a short presentation about the function of the institution and a comforting lunch the activities started. To run the workshops the participants and we were divided into three groups, so that they would have 45 minutes of each activity. Travis showed how to make origami, Ann-Katrin went outside to play some sport games, and Marine and I chose to help with the cooking part.
We were going to make some snacks, sandwiches and brochettes, for the party afterwards. The table was filled with different kinds of vegetables, cheese and cold meat, as well as butter and bread. The participants were all into it. They created really interesting combinations of flavors and the result was very colorful and tasty. Our main task was to help cut the vegetables and to hand them the food that were further on the other side of the table, but we also enjoyed a lot making our own sandwiches and brochettes. Listening to the participants asking us about some particular product was actually a great way to learn the Polish words for this kind of food!
Once the workshops were over it was time for the bonfire. All the group gathered around it to warm us up a bit. We could also bake some sausages and potatoes, and all of the time there were two men singing and playing the guitar, so the atmosphere could not have been more friendly!
But the day was not even close to finish yet. When it was too cold to stay outside we went indoors again to a room in which they had prepared a discotheche, it even had the classic silver shinny ball! The main music played was the already so familiar to us “discopolo,” and everyone was so happy dancing to its rhythm. The night was just getting better because there were also tables with the sandwiches and brochettes we had prepared at the workshop, as well as drinks, fruit, cakes and other sweets.
After a while of free time there, the workers made a quiz about Poland for the participants –in which we could not participate due to language barriers, but later we took part in the games. First we decided to teach them the English song “head, shoulders, knees and toes,” and it was very funny since every time we went faster and faster. Then they wanted to dance the “Macarena” song, for which I was very excited since I did not know it was also popular beyond the Spanish borders, but everyone knew the steps! We also played the chairs game and some other ones about dancing in pairs with balloons. We did have a good time and lots of laughs.
The night had come to an end, so everyone went back to their rooms. However, we still were up for a while talking to our neighbors, two nice workers of the center who spoke English, and they told us more about their experience there, and it was great to get to know them a bit. Finally, we left the next morning after breakfast. We were exhausted but very happy to have participated in the event, and I really hope we get to go there in more occasions!

wtorek, 30 października 2018

Toby's Work-Camp expierience

My Work Camp was from 6.10-27.10.2018, the place was a small village called Castelnaud-de Chapelle. We had a total of 11 people, the following nations were represented: French, Tunisian, Turkey, Welsh, Cambodian and me from Germany. Our main task in the first two weeks was to renovate a walkway section, where we remove the stones there, level the floor, clean the stones, and renew with cement. In the third week we were then divided into two groups. One group cleaned more sections of the sidewalk while I was in the painting team and the technical guide promoted me to the painting manager. I felt very well in the role, as someone has finally recognized my leadership qualities.
In the free time we mostly did something together, drove to the next bigger city to Sarlat and visited many castles, as they are common in the region.
The time was very nice, I learned in the three weeks, many new people and know me better, I also speak a few words of French, which is really limited to only the basics, but I can answer the French "how are you" and even ask how my spouse partner is.
Still, I have to say that three weeks is the perfect time for a work camp because, even if you really get along, living together after a while will be exhausting,  especially if the food is not enough for you, of course I have understandings there It is extremely difficult to respond to the personal wishes of the individual and then for nine people. The good thing is that I've lost 6 Kg since my EVS, even though a successful day starts with a kebap for me.

Bild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, Personen, die lachen, Personen, die stehen, Baum, im Freien und Natur

wtorek, 23 października 2018

Finally the squad is complete!

The plan to have all new volunteers here by the beginning of September didn't really work out.. (What a suprise, hahaha!)

But finally since the beginning of October everyone is here! And Pułtusk is hosting a record number of volunteers - Christina and Sergio are still finishing their projects, we presented Toby and Ann-Katrin in September and there are two more new faces:


Cześć ! My name is Begüm I came from Turkey I'm 23 years old I'll stay in pułtusk for 11 months I work in kindergarden with children I chose this project because I have a lot experiences this subject I love discovering new things and communicate with new people I believe that I'll get new experiences, new friendships and perfect adventures in here It's really exciting 🙂


I come from a little island, where most of the people get confused with Thailand. I’ll be in Pułtusk for almost a year, apart from voluntary service there are two things I’d like to do. 1. Look for mind-alike friends to play music, sports as well as sharing other hobbies. Perhaps one of the least common but might attract you the most at the same time is „origami“. 2. Look for inspirations and get inspired, Like to have conversations in depth, brainstorm and make discoveries. And last and also the least, my name is Chia-Hao (or Trevas…yes I spell it this way)

Trevas has his origami page which you can follow here: https://www.facebook.com/decadentorigamist

Also new EVS volunteers came to Pomiechówek and Helenów (they are still waiting for one ICYE volunteer, most likely from Uganda) so the whole squad is ready to start their year full of adventures!

Wish you the best :)

czwartek, 4 października 2018

Toby's On-arrival Training ( 24.09-29.09.2018)

The on-arrival training was a very new and great experience for me, I made contacts with other volunteers from all over poland, so I know where I can spend the night, if I want to go to Wroclaw, or would like to visit Krakow. the training was consistently balanced. In addition to some Polish lessons, we played games and got to know each other better. I really liked the Polish lessons, because now I know how the unique Polish letters are pronounced. Also, the food in the hostel was excellent, the chef went on every personal needs, it was lactose-free milk or a vegan lifestyle, for every lifestyle the kitchen had a suitable dish. On the negative side it is only that some organizations prefer 5-8 people on the same training, then in my opinion individuality of group strongly lost, as people from the same organization prefered to stay together to do things.
Nevertheless, we spent nice evenings together. All in all, it was a successful week and next to a new haircut, I also take new contacts with to Pultusk.

środa, 26 września 2018

Pułtusk days 2018

Last Saturday, as every year, we participated in Dni Patrona Pułtuska Św. Mateusza. We presented some games related to other countries and promoted volunteering as always. 

The weather wasn't very kind to us, temperatures dropped down and especially the wind was complicating our situation. We got a new ten, very nice, very light, easy to set up but also easy to fly away. So mostly we ended up changing in holding the tent 😂

There weren't many visitors to our tent but we had fun on our own and with our friends!

See you next year!