wtorek, 11 grudnia 2012

International Voluntary Day in Pultusk.

Hey, hey,

The 5th of December was the International Voluntary Day... as in Pultusk we are in advance we organized on the 4th our own Voluntary Day...

Zespol Szkol im. Boleslawa Prusa invited us at the morning to speak about our association and their activities as volunteer. Thanks to them! :) It was a pleasure !

And Sylwia, who know her, was happy to present the activities of Centrum Miedzinarodowej Wymiany i Wolontariatu in Pultusk and SPW in Warsaw...

After this morning, which was a successful at school : look the students looks like happy !

We organized an "open-afternoon" to the office, ul.3 Maja, 19, Pultusk, for YOU ! To know more about voluntary service in different countries and to help you to be involve in volunteering (workcamps, EVS,... and so one!!)

Elena introduced them the topic and idea of voluteering in her own country, Germany, and Gosia spoke with them about her EVS in Greece...

If you want to do that and if you want more informations : Centrum Miedzinarodoawej Wymiany i Wolontariatu, ul.3 Maja, Pultusk, can help you !

You can also contacty me : zoe.bertrand@fiye.pl

I really enjoyed my International Voluntary Day in Pultusk... I hope you will enjoy my report about it!! :)

See you soon,


poniedziałek, 10 grudnia 2012

Andrzejki !!

Hey Dear,

The Next Year will arrive soon... to know what it'll be happen divination was the appointment the day of St. Andrew!

With Lusine (from Armenia) and all the other EVS girls from all over the world, we organised a "divination party"... with a lot of candies!!!

Anne ask wróżka Zoé about your future...

I see for all of you a lot of happiness, kindness, joy, love, new friends and travel !!

If you need help to realize all of these dreams... contact me : wróżka Zoé can help you...

To contact wróżka Zoé :
 Centrum Miedzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu, ul. 3 Maja, 19, Pultusk
facebook : www.facebook.com/fiyepolska
e-mail : zoe.bertrand@fiye.pl

See you soon ;)

piątek, 7 grudnia 2012

Trainning in Lviv, Ukraine : to serve you better !

Hey Friends,

I come to you to share my "amazing" experience during a trainning in Ukraine last month, from 18 to 25 November.
The topic : Volunteer Messenger !

Do you know what to be VOLUNTEER is? To be involve or engage in association, as Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu in Pultusk, or to participate in workcamps as your favorite association organise!!

Why did this trainning be organise? Because the number of volunteers decrease !! And VOLUNTEERS are INDISPENSABLE !!!

During this trainning,

I meet a lot of people all over the world... from Italy, Finland, Turkey, Germany... And now they are my friends !! ;)


We worked together... in spite of ours differences, language, culture, age....

We speak together about what is "VOLUNTEERING" for us...

We had funny time together...

Despite our "full" planning !!

To sum up, this trainning was so AMAZING !!

Me, as VOLUNTEER, during this trainning I learnt a lot about me, others, and I increased a lot of skills :
- social skill
- presentation skill
- language skill
- intiative and entrepreneurship skill
- communication skill
- awarness 
-... and so one

Now I have a lot of new friends from all over the world !! We shared our experience as volunteer, and life experience... I know more about different countries, and of course I know more about myself !

And you?... What do you wait for being VOLUNTEER?

If you want more information about how to be involve in volunteering, Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu in Pultusk, ul.3 Maja 19, can help you !!

We need YOU as VOLUNTEER !!

Don't hesitate to contact us for more informations, we will reply you with pleasure !

Your EVS host from France,


piątek, 16 listopada 2012

Centrum Miedzynarodowej wymiany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu : think of you !

Hey Guys !!!!

I know it's a long time without news of me and the association, but I don't forget you !!! :)

A lot of work and a lot of new activities !! Do you want to know? :)

Now, we organise 2 more new meetings, at school in Pultusk, Liceum Ogólnokształcącego
im. Piotra Skargi, with one aim : intercultural exchange !

The first one : Tandem Meeting, how it's look like? One time per week (the Wednesday) during 45 min, I meet students of the school (and they meet me!!! :) ) and we exchange French and Polish language! What topics : alphabet, pronunciation, useful sentences when and if you want to travel in France, and for me to travel in Poland and to discover more about this so amazing coutry and this so amazing people !

The second one : French Club or Klub Kultury Francuskiej, for students in French language. The aim : to share what I know about the French Cultur and also like everytime to know more about Polish Cultur ! example of topics : how to introduce himself/herself, french cooking, french music...

And don't forget the association is open for YOU !

My poster is beautiful... No?! :)

Centrum Miedzynarodowej Wyniany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu is open from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 17 to welcome you !

And also I can organise for you (and also for my pleasure!) one French Day in Pultusk, at the office, to see french movie, to listen french songs, and to.... eat french!!!

If you want more informations about that, and about us join our facebook : www.facebook.com/fiyepolska
And don't hesitate to contact me : zoe.bertrand@fiye.pl

I hope to see you soon,

With smile,

Forever your host,


wtorek, 23 października 2012

Saint Matthew Days in Pultusk !

Hey my dear friends,

During the 23th September week end in Pultusk were organise the Saint Matthew Days ! The municipality propose us : sport competition, a lot of exhibitions, markets, promotion of the local associations...

This big event was the opportunity to know us more !

To remind you Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu (what participated of this) is an association which promotes voluntary service and organises workcamps during the summer in Poland but you can also participate in the workcamps all over the Europe. Are you interested?!! :)

If you want more informations about us :
 Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu 
ul. 3 maja, 19
06-100 Pultusk
our website : www.fiye.pl
our facebook : fiyepolska.pl
and our (mine!!) e-mail adress : zoe.bertrand@fiye.pl

Don't hesitate to contact us! It will be a pleasure to reply and to meet you!

Ok ! To go back to the Saint Matthew Days in Pulutusk, because it were the great day !

Thanks to Corinna the EVS from Germany, Lusine the EVS from Armenia, you recognize me, Pani Ania my big boss from the association and Sylwia my boss and coordinator in the association.

It was very nice to meet a lot of you during this event... :)

And if you want : join us!!! :) it will be with pleasure!!!

Your Friend from France,


poniedziałek, 17 września 2012

Europa Mobil : Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu was there !

Dear friends,

This year, the event Europa Mobil is in Mazovia ! This event gathers young students form Europe who during 3 weeks travel on the high schools on Mazovia to inform young people about the opportunities give by the European Union for them !

Ah, yes I forgot : they travel on bus !

For sure, Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu was there, the 13 September in the Liceum Czarniecki in Kozienice, to promote its activities of workcamps and European Volontary Service ! 

With Lusine, an EVS volunteer of our friend association SPW...
 a lot of people in our stand !

It was an opportunity for us to meet young students who were interesting to travel in Europe, for the workcamp next summer or for after their study to do an EVS !

And it was also the time to organise games about Europe...

And you! where do you want to go next summer for your workcamp ?

Great meeting ! If you want also organise your next summer holidays... you know our address : 
Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu
ul. 3 maja, 19
06-100 Pultusk

And you will can also meet them the 23 September during the event to celebrate Saint Mattew !

See you soon ! :)  

środa, 12 września 2012

SPW, FIYE's close friend, has new EVS volunteers ! :)

Hey dear everyone !

Our close friend Stowarzyszenie Promocji Wolontariatu from Warsaw receives 8 new EVS volunteers !

They will work for SPW and also for its partners organisations. The last week-end, 8 and 9 September, we organised our first big meeting together in Helenow. And it was an amazing meeting !

Let's me to introduce you them : 

- Mihaela from Moldava, Corinna from Germany and Gayane from Armenia will work during their EVS project with our partner Centrum Rehabilitacji, Edukacji i Opieki in Helenow.

- Anne from Germany and Cristina from Spain will work during their EVS project with our partner Mlodziezowy Osrodek Socjoterpii "Jedrus".

- Elena from Germany and Claudia from Colombia will work during their EVs project with our partner Fundacja "Pomocna Dlon".

- Lusine from Armenia will work during her EVS project in the office of FIYE in Warsaw, Stowarzyszenie Promocji Wolontariatu.

This first week-end together had been time to know each other, to speak about their different projects, to speak about their fears and expectations... because is not all the time easy to arrive in foreigner country... even if Polish people are very nice! :)

This week-end was also the opportunity to take "weird" pictures... of your favorite "weird" foreigner volunteers !

Yes, we know... we are "strange" !

And don't worry inhabitants on Pultusk and near, this amazing new team is invited to participate in the activities of your association  Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu, soon you will can see these "weird" faces in the reality !

Don't worry... they are very nice !

wtorek, 11 września 2012

Four months... already !

Dear everyone,

Four months already that I'm in Pultusk for my EVS in the association Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu, it's time for a first summary of our activities.

And it's also and above all the time for me to tell you, all the participants of our activities : THANKS YOU !

During this first four months, we have proposed you :

The Traveller's Club

THANKS YOU for having participated !

The Tandem Meetings

THANKS YOU for these discussions !

THANKS YOU for coming always more !

The International Day in Pultusk

THANKS YOU for this amazing day !

The Workcamps

THANK YOU : teachers, children and volunteers ! For this first workcamp !

THANK YOU ... again : teachers, children and volunteers ! For this second workcamp !

THANKS YOU again and again chidren for this unbelivable energy and your smile !

A lot of activities during these first four months.... and don't worry it's not finish ! :)

Soon, you will can discover the programm what we will propose you on this blog ! 

Rendez-vous très prochainement ! :)


wtorek, 28 sierpnia 2012

Natsumi from Japan is in Pultusk for her first Workcamp !


I am Natsumi Takahashi, I am from Japan, I am 21 years old and I study English, Culture and Communication at the University in Osaka.

Yes, it's me : Natsumi !

I'm  taking part in workcamp where we play with children in a day care center in Pultusk. I joined this workcamp because I like children and I wanted to go in Europe. This workcamp is the first time for me. Also, I've never worked with children before so I was nervous on the first day. But children are very friendly even if we don't talk fluently when we communicate with each other.

Very nice !

The activities with children are so tiring that I go to sleep early at night, but the time I spend with the kids is valuable for me.

In addition, I learn about team work. Living with other volunteers who came from various countries is a new experience. It is interesting because I can get to know about other countries' culture, ethnic food, music, customs, thinking, etc.

Miam, miam : polish kielbasa !

The longer time I spend with the volunteers, the more I integrate with them.

It is good for me to join this workcamp in Pultusk !

niedziela, 26 sierpnia 2012

Our Polish voluteer : Agnieszka !


I'm Agnieszka :) I'm Polish, I'm 24 and I live in Warsaw. I study Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw, specialisation in Translation and Teaching.

I've decided to join the workcamp in Pułtusk because I've already had some experience in working for volunteering projects abroad and this time I wanted to see what it's like to help international students to carry out the project in my own country.

Agnieszka and the kids !

So far, I've enjoyed the workcamp a lot, both in terms of the activities we're involved in and when it comes to people I've met - together with French, Italian and Japanese volunteers, we work in a community day care center (świetlica), helping to organise the activities for children who joined the summer half-camp. We make a great team; we share our knowledge and experience, brainstorm ideas and have a lot of fun as well :)

Looking forward to the next week - we're organising various interesting events in Pultusk and we hope there are going to be many people joining us and enjoying the activities!

Do zobaczenia! :)

czwartek, 23 sierpnia 2012

Workcamp n°2 in Pultusk : Elisa presents herself !


I'm Elisa, an Italian volunteer who takes part in the International Workcamp in Pultusk, with  Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu, the association from Pultusk.
I'm 22 and I love working with children. In Italy I studied Education and now I work as social worker for people with intellectual disabilities. I also work with children as an animator.

Hi ! It's me : Elisa !

I decided to come for this camp because I love children and I want especially to profit from this international experience. I am also interested in discovering new places and trying new things.

Here in Pultusk I feel very well. Working with children is exciting, I'm learning new things every day. Even if the children doesn't speak English we can understand each other very well.

Elisa and Pawel ! during one of our activities !

I think this exchange is an invaluable experience, it is very important for me to grow up.
In particular I enjoy playing games with children and laugh with them.

Provare per credere!

A presto


wtorek, 21 sierpnia 2012

Workcamp in Pultusk : second round !

Hey my dear Friends !

The workcamp in Pultusk continues ! The second edition began on Monday for two weeks... our work : work with children ! It's tiring, because they have a lot of energy... but it's so so so nice and amazing !! :)

During the first workcamp we had one voluteer from Greece, Fotini, but she left at the end of this one, on Saturday :

Bye, bye Fotini !

The children were very sad about the depature of Fotini... :..)

But now we have three new volunteers from Italy,Japan and Poland !!!

Welcome Elisa, Natsumi and Agnieszka !

The children are very happy to meet foreigner people ! And we too !!!

If you want to meet us, every Wednesday we organize Tandem Meetings in the office of the association :
Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu 
ul. 3 maja 19 Pultusk !

See you soon my Friends, your French correspondent in Pultusk,

czwartek, 16 sierpnia 2012

Traveller's Club : Slovakia !

Hey everbody !

Continuation and end of our first session of Traveller's Club!!
Last Monday, Zuzanna, a EVS volunteer in Warsaw, presented us her homeland : SLOVAKIA !

Attention everyone, we are speaking about Slovakia and not about Slovenia :

Zuza we clearly explained the differences !

Thanks Zuza for this one hour with a growing audience and interested ! Thank you for making us discover your counntry !

Ah ! Home sweet home !

That's it ! The first session of the Traveller's Club in the library in Pultusk is finished, we hope to organize a second session with your participation... if you want to present us one country what you need... contact us :
 Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu
 ul. 3 maja, 19
06-100 Pultusk

See you soon for the news adventures !

czwartek, 9 sierpnia 2012

First workcamp in Pultusk : Swietlica Srodowiskowa !

Hello friends of the blog !

In Pultusk the association Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu organizes its first workcamp. We work with children in the Swietlica Srodowiskowa and for Fotini our Greek volunteer and for me (Zoé you know me !!) it's really an amazing experience !

Our children ! You can recognize Fotini... cause of dark hair !

Thanks to Pani Danusia for her patience and for her kindness !

Thursday 9 August, we had the openning day and the kids organized a fest. 

Holidays are so funny !!!

We will be working with children during all August, if you want to join us... of course your are welcome ! :)

If you want to visit us : Centrum Miedzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu
                                   3 maja 19
                                   06-100 Pultusk

niedziela, 5 sierpnia 2012

Traveller's Club 2. Norway as if you live !

Hey everybody !

The Traveller's club continued !

Each Monday at 5 p.m on the library Joachima Lelewela of Pultusk we invit us to discover one foreigner country. The last Monday, Ania introduced us Norway.

Amazing !! :)

Ania introduced us the really beautifull landscape of Norway. She told us about the life of every day in Norway, the traditionnal food, and the legends of this interesting country !

Ania with the Troll !

Next rendez-vous of the Traveller's club : Monday the 6 August at 5 p.m at the library !

We are waiting for you ! The next country : France. You will see the pictures of France and also taste some french products ! :)

czwartek, 26 lipca 2012

Workcamps in Pultusk in August !

Hey dear friends !

Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu organize two workcamps in August to work with children in Pultusk !

We will have the pleasure to host people from Italy, Greece, Japan,... .

If you want to join us ! You find informations below : 

Don't hesitate to contact us for more informations and to praticipate ! 

This will be also an opportunity to meet people come from other countries ! And work together with children!

COME and ENJOY ! :)

Traveller's club. n°1. China in Pultusk !

Hey, Hey, Hey,

Every Monday afternoon at 5 p.m the association Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu from Pultusk invites you to participate of "Traveller's club" in the Library Joachima Lelewela (ulica Słowackiego 6). 

This is an opportunity to discover other countries through the stories of travelers.

For the first edition Sylwia introduced us to China.

Sylwia's presentation.

During the "Traveller's club" you also can see pictures, newspaper, ans some typical things about the country which introduce you.

A big thank you to our host : the library Joachima Lelewela.

Don't forget our next rendez-vous Monday 30 July at 5 p-m to discover Norway!


wtorek, 17 lipca 2012

Pultusk honors its artists.

Thrusday 12 July, the city of Pultusk was honored its artists and every people who were participed in the cultural (paint, architectur....) life on Pultusk !

We were greeted in Art Galery of Pultusk. Each of them were thanked and received one rose for their contribution of "Art in Pultusk". A symbolic "Thank you" ("Merci" or "Dziękuję") for the many artists !

                                                                                         Artists honors !

Don't hesitate to visit this wonderful exhibition of paintings !

You can find all informations about this exhibition in this short book !

Your French correspondent in Pultusk from Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu.

piątek, 13 lipca 2012

Bibliothèque publique de Pultusk : Joachima Lelewela.

The library was founded in 4 may 1947.
Since 1951 is located in a historic building at the street Słowackiego 6.

                                                                               In front of the library !

There are working 14 people, some trainees. Library has got four thousand readers.

Departement of library :
·         Children and youth

                                                    Books and the furniture are adapted for children !

·         Adults
·         Reading room
                                                                Chut ! People are reading !

The library organizes a lot of actions:
·         Exhibitions (now about Kurpie and folklore)
·         Nationwide contest  “o Laur błękitnej Narwii”
·         Contest about historical places in Pułtusk  “wyscig po historii”
·         Meetings with authors (spotkania autorskie)
·         For children:
*      Summer and winter holidays with library,2 hours each day
*      Literary and art contest
*      Days the town’s patron
*      Internet classes
*      They have got plans to do some program for youth about first aid preclinical.

Pułtusk’s library involved in program of the development libraries “program rozwoju bibliotek”.Because of that people can use computers, printer and free internet.

Especially thanks for Bożena Potyraj the headmastres (director) and Justyna Brzozwoska from department of children and youth. Thanks for good time in library and for interview.

And now, for our Polish friends, the translation in Polish :

Biblioteka została założona  4 maja 1947 roku. Od roku 1951 znajduje się w zabytkowym budynku przy ul. Słowackiego 6. Za sprawna działalność biblioteki, opiekę na czteroma tysiącami czytelników, odpowiada 14 zatrudnionych osób, stażyści.

Biblioteka posiada następujące działy:
·         dla dzieci
·         dla dorosłych
·         czytelnie,
·         a także dział gromadzenia i opracowania i dział do spraw powiatu.

Biblioteka otwarta jest na każdą działalność upowszechniająca kulturę. Organizowane jest tutaj wiele atrakcji, w których każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie m.in.:
·         wystawy (aktualnie prezentowana jest wystawa folkloru rejonu Kurpi)
·         ogólnopolski konkurs  „ O laur błękitnej Narwi”
·         konkurs o historii i zabytkach Pułtuska
·         spotkania autorskie
·         dla dzieci:
Ø  Wakacje i ferie zimowe z biblioteka, organizowane codziennie przez 2 godziny.
Ø  Konkursy plastyczne i literackie
Ø  Dzień patrona miasta
Ø  Zajęcia internetowe
Ø  W fazie planowania  są także spotkania dla młodzieży, dotyczące uzależnień, pierwszej pomocy przedmedycznej.

Biblioteka w Pułtusku należy do programu rozwoju bibliotek, którego celem  jest wzmocnienie roli informacyjnej i społecznej publicznych bibliotekę. Dzięki temu programowi mieszkańcy gminy Pułtusk mogą korzystać z komputerów, drukarek, a także darmowego internetu.

Specjalne podziękowanie dla dyrektor biblioteki Pani Bożeny Potyraj, a także dla Pani Justyny Brzozowskiej. Za możliwość zobaczenia i udział w wakacjach w bibliotece, a także za wszelkie informacje i pomoc.

If you want more informations about this library you can visit : http://www.biblioteka.pultusk.pl/
or just GO ! and ASK !  You will see really nice people ! :)

Your French correspondent in Pultusk from Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu.