środa, 27 czerwca 2012

Schuman Parade

Like every year the Schuman Foundation participated at a big parade to promote Europe. This year, the parade took place the Saturday 12th May.

Unfortunately, it rained this day in WarsawL! And the Map Game-what we prepared about Europe-was to take place outside in tent… it was canceled!

Many people attended to this Parade despite the rain.

In the float of the Schuman Foundation, the party was really present with a DJ! It was very crazy and funny! Any people united by the sound music to celebrate Europe marched through the streets of the Old Town of Warsaw.

The SPW FIYE volunteers participated with happiness in this crazy atmosphere!

Me and Laura with our T-shirt of the association.

In spite of the bad weather and cancellation of the Map Game, I really enjoyed participating to this Parade. It allowed me to meet different volunteers and different people of a lot countries and I think this is one aim of such events.

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