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Workcamp in Janowice Wielkie

One of the important activities of FIYE in Pultusk is the promotion of workcamps.

Leading the workcamps it’s one of my works during the EVS.

My first workcamp took place in South of Poland in Janowice Wielkie during two weeks from 21th May to 3rd June.

With another leader, Zuzana who come from Slovakia for an EVS in the SPW in Warsaw, we led and worked with three girls - volunteers from Canada, France and South Korea.

                                                   Caroline, Mathilde and Soo Kyang in front of
                                                                           the sanatorium where we worked.    

What is really important it's to work in "zen" atmosphere.

                                                     Soo Kyang give us a good example.

Thanks to our "personnal guide" who is also our "technical leader", Irek, we discovered all the beautiful landscape.

                                              Even if you want to hide you... we recognize you pan Irek!

Two things are very important during a workcamp: first you fell useful by your work and secondly you make new friends!

                                                               Soo Kyang, Mathilde, me and Caroline near a lake.

And you, Mathilde, what do you think about workcamp?

If you also want to live this great experience, don't hesitate to contact us :

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