wtorek, 28 sierpnia 2012

Natsumi from Japan is in Pultusk for her first Workcamp !


I am Natsumi Takahashi, I am from Japan, I am 21 years old and I study English, Culture and Communication at the University in Osaka.

Yes, it's me : Natsumi !

I'm  taking part in workcamp where we play with children in a day care center in Pultusk. I joined this workcamp because I like children and I wanted to go in Europe. This workcamp is the first time for me. Also, I've never worked with children before so I was nervous on the first day. But children are very friendly even if we don't talk fluently when we communicate with each other.

Very nice !

The activities with children are so tiring that I go to sleep early at night, but the time I spend with the kids is valuable for me.

In addition, I learn about team work. Living with other volunteers who came from various countries is a new experience. It is interesting because I can get to know about other countries' culture, ethnic food, music, customs, thinking, etc.

Miam, miam : polish kielbasa !

The longer time I spend with the volunteers, the more I integrate with them.

It is good for me to join this workcamp in Pultusk !

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