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Our Polish voluteer : Agnieszka !


I'm Agnieszka :) I'm Polish, I'm 24 and I live in Warsaw. I study Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw, specialisation in Translation and Teaching.

I've decided to join the workcamp in Pułtusk because I've already had some experience in working for volunteering projects abroad and this time I wanted to see what it's like to help international students to carry out the project in my own country.

Agnieszka and the kids !

So far, I've enjoyed the workcamp a lot, both in terms of the activities we're involved in and when it comes to people I've met - together with French, Italian and Japanese volunteers, we work in a community day care center (świetlica), helping to organise the activities for children who joined the summer half-camp. We make a great team; we share our knowledge and experience, brainstorm ideas and have a lot of fun as well :)

Looking forward to the next week - we're organising various interesting events in Pultusk and we hope there are going to be many people joining us and enjoying the activities!

Do zobaczenia! :)

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