niedziela, 5 sierpnia 2012

Traveller's Club 2. Norway as if you live !

Hey everybody !

The Traveller's club continued !

Each Monday at 5 p.m on the library Joachima Lelewela of Pultusk we invit us to discover one foreigner country. The last Monday, Ania introduced us Norway.

Amazing !! :)

Ania introduced us the really beautifull landscape of Norway. She told us about the life of every day in Norway, the traditionnal food, and the legends of this interesting country !

Ania with the Troll !

Next rendez-vous of the Traveller's club : Monday the 6 August at 5 p.m at the library !

We are waiting for you ! The next country : France. You will see the pictures of France and also taste some french products ! :)

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