wtorek, 21 sierpnia 2012

Workcamp in Pultusk : second round !

Hey my dear Friends !

The workcamp in Pultusk continues ! The second edition began on Monday for two weeks... our work : work with children ! It's tiring, because they have a lot of energy... but it's so so so nice and amazing !! :)

During the first workcamp we had one voluteer from Greece, Fotini, but she left at the end of this one, on Saturday :

Bye, bye Fotini !

The children were very sad about the depature of Fotini... :..)

But now we have three new volunteers from Italy,Japan and Poland !!!

Welcome Elisa, Natsumi and Agnieszka !

The children are very happy to meet foreigner people ! And we too !!!

If you want to meet us, every Wednesday we organize Tandem Meetings in the office of the association :
Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu 
ul. 3 maja 19 Pultusk !

See you soon my Friends, your French correspondent in Pultusk,

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