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Workcamp n°2 in Pultusk : Elisa presents herself !


I'm Elisa, an Italian volunteer who takes part in the International Workcamp in Pultusk, with  Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu, the association from Pultusk.
I'm 22 and I love working with children. In Italy I studied Education and now I work as social worker for people with intellectual disabilities. I also work with children as an animator.

Hi ! It's me : Elisa !

I decided to come for this camp because I love children and I want especially to profit from this international experience. I am also interested in discovering new places and trying new things.

Here in Pultusk I feel very well. Working with children is exciting, I'm learning new things every day. Even if the children doesn't speak English we can understand each other very well.

Elisa and Pawel ! during one of our activities !

I think this exchange is an invaluable experience, it is very important for me to grow up.
In particular I enjoy playing games with children and laugh with them.

Provare per credere!

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