wtorek, 11 września 2012

Four months... already !

Dear everyone,

Four months already that I'm in Pultusk for my EVS in the association Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodzieży i Wolontariatu, it's time for a first summary of our activities.

And it's also and above all the time for me to tell you, all the participants of our activities : THANKS YOU !

During this first four months, we have proposed you :

The Traveller's Club

THANKS YOU for having participated !

The Tandem Meetings

THANKS YOU for these discussions !

THANKS YOU for coming always more !

The International Day in Pultusk

THANKS YOU for this amazing day !

The Workcamps

THANK YOU : teachers, children and volunteers ! For this first workcamp !

THANK YOU ... again : teachers, children and volunteers ! For this second workcamp !

THANKS YOU again and again chidren for this unbelivable energy and your smile !

A lot of activities during these first four months.... and don't worry it's not finish ! :)

Soon, you will can discover the programm what we will propose you on this blog ! 

Rendez-vous très prochainement ! :)


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