piątek, 16 listopada 2012

Centrum Miedzynarodowej wymiany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu : think of you !

Hey Guys !!!!

I know it's a long time without news of me and the association, but I don't forget you !!! :)

A lot of work and a lot of new activities !! Do you want to know? :)

Now, we organise 2 more new meetings, at school in Pultusk, Liceum Ogólnokształcącego
im. Piotra Skargi, with one aim : intercultural exchange !

The first one : Tandem Meeting, how it's look like? One time per week (the Wednesday) during 45 min, I meet students of the school (and they meet me!!! :) ) and we exchange French and Polish language! What topics : alphabet, pronunciation, useful sentences when and if you want to travel in France, and for me to travel in Poland and to discover more about this so amazing coutry and this so amazing people !

The second one : French Club or Klub Kultury Francuskiej, for students in French language. The aim : to share what I know about the French Cultur and also like everytime to know more about Polish Cultur ! example of topics : how to introduce himself/herself, french cooking, french music...

And don't forget the association is open for YOU !

My poster is beautiful... No?! :)

Centrum Miedzynarodowej Wyniany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu is open from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 17 to welcome you !

And also I can organise for you (and also for my pleasure!) one French Day in Pultusk, at the office, to see french movie, to listen french songs, and to.... eat french!!!

If you want more informations about that, and about us join our facebook : www.facebook.com/fiyepolska
And don't hesitate to contact me : zoe.bertrand@fiye.pl

I hope to see you soon,

With smile,

Forever your host,


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