wtorek, 11 grudnia 2012

International Voluntary Day in Pultusk.

Hey, hey,

The 5th of December was the International Voluntary Day... as in Pultusk we are in advance we organized on the 4th our own Voluntary Day...

Zespol Szkol im. Boleslawa Prusa invited us at the morning to speak about our association and their activities as volunteer. Thanks to them! :) It was a pleasure !

And Sylwia, who know her, was happy to present the activities of Centrum Miedzinarodowej Wymiany i Wolontariatu in Pultusk and SPW in Warsaw...

After this morning, which was a successful at school : look the students looks like happy !

We organized an "open-afternoon" to the office, ul.3 Maja, 19, Pultusk, for YOU ! To know more about voluntary service in different countries and to help you to be involve in volunteering (workcamps, EVS,... and so one!!)

Elena introduced them the topic and idea of voluteering in her own country, Germany, and Gosia spoke with them about her EVS in Greece...

If you want to do that and if you want more informations : Centrum Miedzinarodoawej Wymiany i Wolontariatu, ul.3 Maja, Pultusk, can help you !

You can also contacty me : zoe.bertrand@fiye.pl

I really enjoyed my International Voluntary Day in Pultusk... I hope you will enjoy my report about it!! :)

See you soon,


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