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Claudia from Columbia works with children in Pultusk!!!

Hola a todos en Pultusk!!

My name is Claudia Patricia Chona, I am from Bogotá, Colombia. I am 21 years old. I have already 4 months living and working as a volunteer in Warsaw - Poland.

                                                          It's me! Claudia!!!

 I am working in Pomocna Dlon, is a foundation for 30 old people with cognitive disabilities. They are so sweet and they bring to me every day so many reasons to smile and don’t feel the big distance between me and my home. 

                                            During with my EVS work!!!

In Colombia I study Social Work in the National University, and I hope, with this magical experience grow up my career and all aspects in my life. (:

I have known so many beautiful places in Poland, like Poznan, Lodz, Torun, Czestochowa, and I planning to go now to Krakow, Wroclaw and Gdnask. And for now I am in Pultusk, sharing some time with the kids in the winter holidays in Swietlica! (: . We play new games, learn English and Spanish, we dance and we spend a really good time.   

                                                                     Swietlica for ever!!!!

 I am meeting new people all the time and everybody put something in a page of my “life book”.

The most difficult thing to confront is the Polish language because it's so different than Spanish, and the weather. In my country we don’t have season, and we have all the year 12 hours day and 12 hours night, for me is so strange that for this days the sun goes so early and to be honest, after almost all winter and I don’t get used yet! (: 

The colors of my FLAG!!!

Now, I am so happy to be in Pultusk, for so many reasons, Poland has been like my second home, I already have learned so many new things, have overcome my fears, meet really good people and places that makes me try to give the best of myself. I am so sure that I am going to miss every aspect of this country, all the people that I have meet here, the people who help me and love me here. For sure, Poland is going to be a really important chapter on my “life book”.

Thank You!
I <3 Polska. (:

On Friday, the first of February, I'm waiting for you, on ul. 3 Maja, 19, in Pultusk between 12 and 17 for the International Carnival Day!!!

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