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Winter Holidays in Swietlica... It's finish! :...(

During the winter holidays, Centrum Miedzynarodowej Wymiany i Wolontariatu, helping by 4 foreigner volunteers and 2 Polish volunteers, worked in Swietlica with 20 children aged between 6 and 12 years old.

You already know Claudia from Columbia but she was not alone, during one week Cristina from Spain helped us.

Claudia, Cristina and our Polish volunteer Julia in Swietlica!

Who is Cristina? What she is doing in Poland? And what she thinks about her work in Swietlica? Asking her :
 "Hola me llamo Cristina tengo 24 años y vengo de España y estoy encantada de estar en Pultusk."

"From 7 of September I am leaving in Warszawa making my EVS project in a boarding school with kids that have complicated family situation and educational backwardness. My job with them is helping with the home works, making funny activities, having great moments".

"During this week I been working with children in Swietlica and it was a very good experience because of the children, the ladies in Swietlica and the company of my friends".

During this time, Cristina could introduced her country,

And could organized manual activity for children who could discovered one typical animal from Spain,

Uwaga, it's a Spanish crab attacks!!!
Also helping by Lusine, 22 years old who is doing an EVS in Warszawa in Stowarzyszenie Promocji Wolontariatu and Gayane, 26 years old who is doing an EVS in Centrum Rehabilitacji, Edukacji i Opieki "Helenow", from Armenia, the kids could learnt more about Armenian culture and language.

Lusine and Gayane from Armenia who are teaching Armenian!

Every day, to continue the foreigner learning, we organized some English lessons...


Alphabet and words game!

To finish by a big quiz!

One thing is sure : Polish children talented!!! Congratulations!!!

After learning activity... sport activity!! A healthy mind in a healthy body!! ;) with Marysia another Polish volunteer!!

Fitness and body building!!

A lot of activities and mostly a lot of happiness for all!!!

If you want to live this kind of amazing experience, join us :
Centrum Miedzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu
ul. 3 Maja, 19
06-100 Pultusk

We are waiting for you! :)

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