piątek, 5 kwietnia 2013

Feifei and Hu Xia are growing the number of volunteers in Pultusk.

Dear all,

It is with pleasure I announce you the arrival of two new volunteers from China in Centrum Miedzynarodowej Wymany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu.

They introduce themselves :

"Hello everyone! My name is Hu Xia. It’s really happy to introduce myself. I am a new volunteer here and will stay in Pultusk for two months. I am a university student from China and this is my first time to Poland. I like reading, movies, travelling, jogging, etc. I love delicious food and started to learn cooking. Maybe someday I can cook Chinese food for your guys and present you more about Chinese culture :) I am looking forward to the volunteer life in Pultusk in the next few months, which will be a great experience for me.
 Hope to see you soon! :)"

Feifei i Huxia !

"Hello everyone. I’m so glade to be here to introduce myself to you. My name is Li Feifei., I’m a 23-year-old girl from Beijing of China, and I’m a graduate student in politics and economy. So interested in polish economy, politics and culture that I have learned lots of its history and read many books introducing Poland.
In my opinion, health is so important to us, so I like exercise, such as running, swimming, playing badminton and so on. Besides, finding delicious foods and eating them is also my favorite,because I’m almost hungry all the time.So polish delicious foods, I’m coming.
And it’s my great pleasure to introduce China to you, the history, traditions, culture, movie, food and whatever else you are interested in. Hope I can do helpful things as many as possible for Pultusk."

Now you know for the next months we will propose you a lot of Chinese activities, in Swietlica, in school and of course in the office : Centrum Miedzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu, ul. 3 Maja, 19, in Pultusk. Follow us on facebook : www.facebook.com/fiyepolska 

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