poniedziałek, 20 maja 2013

Workcamps: your trainers are ready!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

Just few weeks to choose your workcamps!
In Poland, we propose you a lot of different topics for your useful holidays!

More informations : www.fiye.pl or www.workcamps.pl

Or just come to the office : ul.3 Maja, 19, 06-100 Pultusk

Your leaders are waiting for you, and they are ready after a training in Pultusk organised by Centrum Miedzinarodowej Wymiany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu.

During your workcamp, they can propose you:

- construction games:

- drawing:

- reflection time: 

- good food:

And don't worry about the language... at least you have the body language:

And the most important... free hugs and funny time together!!! :)

So... why do you still hesitate?! ;)

COME and JOIN US to get new skills, to learn more about you and other cultures, to work together, to get new friends, to have useful holidays...and... to have FUN!!!