piątek, 7 czerwca 2013

Goodbye Chinese volunteers!

That is almost the end of Huxia's stay in Pultusk. Let's have a look at the last 2 busy months. Just after Easter a group of 3 Chinese volunteers landed in Warsaw. Guiming Wu (aka Jerry) stayed in Warsaw for job-shadowing in SPW whereas Li Feifei and Hu Xia came to our association in Pultusk. They were participants of the project "Youth in EU and China. Working together to common challenges." 

What did they do during the project?

They run meetings about China at the upper secondary school in Pułtusk:

They organised a Chinese Day at the school:

Who will beat Guiming?

Ma, ma, ma, ma - do you hear the difference?

Do you feel like having a little cockroach for lunch?

They taught English and played with children at the day-care centre: 

Huxia run a study on youth unemployment among campleaders:

What does Huxia feel before going back home?

"My volunteer work in Poland is going to finish soon. This is really a good chance for me to know more about volunteer work and cultural differences. I really enjoy the stay in Poland, which will definitely be a valuable memory for me.

One of my volunteer work here was to teach English and Chinese with the kids from day-care center. This was my first time to work with kids, so I felt a little stressful and didn’t know how to communicate with kids. But in fact they were cute and sometimes naughty. I really liked the time spending with them. One of my difficulties with the kids is the Polish language, but smile and encouragement can solve all of these difficulties. The kids were different from each other. Some were shy, so I encouraged them and spent more time play with them. Some were very active and really wanted to try new things, so I gave them more chances to present themselves. I also taught Chinese games and Chinese characters and they were really interested and good at that:)"

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