sobota, 3 sierpnia 2013

Witamy w Pułtusku, Daria! :)

Daria has already started her long long long journey from the distant Irkutsk and is arriving to the beloved Pultusk on the 
7th  of August. Until then here is a little introduction from her:

Cześć! My name is Daria, I came from Irkutsk (Russia). I’ve graduated University in 2011 and since that time I’ve been working for a big private Linguistic Centre in Irkutsk as a manager. This time was really great - I’ve got a lot of skills there and have met good people that became my friends. And once I decided - it’s time for new opportunities! So I’m happy to say that this year I’ll spent in Pultusk as an EVS volunteer in Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Młodzieży i Wolontariatu! EVS for me is not only a great chance to get unforgettable experience living in another country, to learn new things but a chance to tell people about my beautiful region! It really is, you’ll see!!!
As for me I love travelling and I’m open for getting know traditions and cuisine of different countries (yeees, I like cooking and invite you for Russian pancakes =). Now I can’t wait the moment I’ll arrive in Poland, I’m sure it’s going to be unforgettable time!   

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