piątek, 31 stycznia 2014

"Czwartek z planszówkami" or "Thursday with board games"

“Czwartek z planszówkami” or “Thursday with board games” is our new activity. The idea of it is easy as a name of the event: we invite people from Pułtusk to play famous board games, practice English and just have fun!
Preparation didn’t take a lot of time – so at 5 p.m. we had 4 tables with different games and were refreshing rules when guys come. Almost all of our guests were from Ruszkowski – we have been visited this school during this week. Erasmus students from Pułtusk also participated – this time my new mentor Maria joined us!
Some of guys started to play “Wieża” with Zsófi, but Maria, Tomek and I joined Sylwia to play “Settlers from Catan”. It’s a game with many-many rules which are difficult to remember from first time…especially if you are a foreigner! But what can I say? It was challenging I was practicing polish and moreover I know some new polish words! Playing “Settlers” we didn’t notice how time had gone but meanwhile other guys managed to play a lot of games! For example, besides “Wieża” they played “Jangle Speed” and “Monopoly”. The story of last one is really interesting! Our coordinator Sylwia borrowed it from one Cultural Center. And originally this game is in Hungarian and probably, no one would play it if we didn’t have Zsófi who carefully translated it into English! Thank you Zsófi, you gave second life for the game and a lot of fun for us!
Unfortunately time has gone so fast but for sure it’s not the last meeting. “Czwertek z planszówkami” is in Pułtusk and will stay here for a long time, I think. Board games are a super nice alternative to sitting in front of computer in cold winter! It’s a chance to meet new people and practice English or even learn some Hungarian or Russian! And as usual - everybody is welcome!

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