czwartek, 16 stycznia 2014

Getting know Russian traditions: lessons in Liceum №1 and Gymnazium in Dzierżenin

I mentioned once that I have my little network of teachers of Russian language. So this time Pani Dorotha from Gymnazium in Dzierżenin and Pani Joanna from Liceum №1 in Pułtusk invited me for lessons about Orthodox Christmas traditions. The structure of the lessons was simple – first short presentation from which students got to know why Orthodoxal Christians have Christmas (“Boże Narodzenie” in Polish or “Рождество Христово” in Russian)  at 7th of Janua
ry, what a word “sochel’nik” means, what dishes we eat for Christmas and New Year dinner and why New Year is the main winter holiday. Then we saw a fragment from old famous movie “Night before Christmas” («Вечера на хуторе близ Диканьки, или ночь перед Рождеством») directed by A. Rou in 1961. I chose that one because it perfectly illustrates all the people’s Christmas traditions like caroling and fortune-telling. After that students did little task. The main idea of it was to listen to the dialog between Devil and a blacksmith Vakula and then to fill in the missing words. Of course, because of the age students from Liceum were more successful in doing this task and we had pretty much time for comparing Christmas traditions of Poland and Russia. But smaller students from Dzierżenin were also intrested and could even answer some of mine questions in Russian!  

I really enjoy making such kind of lessons and can’t wait when I will meet these students! Next lesson for students in Liceum is in February and it will be about Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. With children from Gimnazium we will meet in the end of April for an Easter lesson.  


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