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New year, new ideas

Hello everybody!

I hope you are having a great time in this beautiful, sunny day. I started the week quite actively and early. I am planning to create a Hungarian film club here in Pułtusk, so I visited Liceum to introduce myself and to promote this idea.

It all started after I have arrived back from holidays. I have had the idea of a personal project in mind for a long time, I just did not have anything concrete. I wanted to create something which helps me introduce my country and at the same time it gives me the chance to get closer to local youth in a fun way. This is how the idea was born. Let’s see the process:

After some brainstorming with my dear coordinator, Sylwia, it was the time to make some posters and flyers for promotion. It’s enough to say that I am not going to be good friends with Publisher. I also asked some teachers to meet me. I told them about the idea and they were kind enough to help me with realizing my project. My other big supporter was the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw.
I have already visited them once back in October, that time I was just collecting information. This time I was more prepared and they were eager to lend me the film I chose. They also suggested sending a report about the first meeting and if it becomes regular, they offered to include my film club in their monthly programme. Aren’t they the best?

And now we have arrived to today’s promotion lessons. I prepared a presentation that lasts about 15 minutes.
I told the students a bit about Hungary which was followed by some information concerning film industry in Hungary. I also introduced them a couple of films that might be shown later on. I was very happy to see some interested faces, nothing is better than being appreciated. (Maybe chocolate ;))

My idea is not to just simply watch the film and leave. The meeting would start with a little introduction of the writer or the background of the film (something related). After that, we would watch the film together while enjoying some tea, cookies and sometimes even Hungarian specialties. The film would be followed by a discussion about the film. This way, the students would have the chance not only to get to know a bit of Hungary, but also to practice their English.

So that’s all folks, see you soon!


First meeting: 23.01.2014 17:00 @ 3 Maja 19 Pułtusk
Zapraszam! : )

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