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The first Hungarian Film Club

Let’s take a look at last week before starting preparation for visiting schools this week. Thursday was the day of the first Hungarian Film Club. Before the event, I was promoting in schools with the help of teachers. They gave me some time from their lessons and I had the chance to introduce the idea to the students. I told them a bit about Hungary, then about the development of cinematography, some important films and finally, the film club itself.
The poster
I also got a lot of technical help from Sylwia, our dear coordinator. Without her, I would have never figured out how to make posters with Publisher. :D We are borrowing the films from the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw, they are our official supporter.

 I am planning to have these kind of meetings twice a month, on Thursdays at 17:00 in our office at 3 Maja 19. This film club is not only for watching films. Nonono. The idea is to start the meetings with a little introduction, then watch the film which can be followed by discussions. This way, the students don’t only have the chance to get to know more about Hungary, watch foreign films but also to practice their English in a friendly environment.

As I told you, our first film club was last week. Finally, 8 students from Gimnazjum nr 1 came for the first meeting. We were welcoming them with the and 'kókuszgolyó’, the easiest cookie that you might know from a previous meeting.
Kókuszgolyó and tea
These students were encouraged by Pani Iwanowska and their Geography teacher. There has been a little misunderstanding, as they thought that they are going to see a film about Hungary and that the meeting will only last one hour. As they were expecting to get to know some things about Hungary, I started with telling a few things about Hungary while showing them a poster with pictures. After that, I introduced them the film that they were about to watch. The film, Sorstalans
ág, is based on a book and its author, Kertész Imre got a Nobel Prize in 2002. The story is about the life of a Hungarian Jewish boy who is deported to different concentration camps. It was inspired by personal experience, as the writer himself is a survivor of the Holocaust. The film version premiered in 2005 after long years of production. The producer is Koltai Lajos. Before, he has been a cameraman,  this is why the result is a beautiful scenery. The film also has an amazing soundtrack, composed by the world famous, award winning Ennio Morricone. Many students had to leave before the end of the film as they did not expect that the meeting is lasting so long.
The room is ready for the students

All in all, I am satisfied with the result. Every start is difficult, but I hope that I will be able to keep going with the film club as I really enjoyed the preparation and the meeting with the students, as well. The next film club is on the 6th of February at 17:00! For more information about it, follow our blog and facebook page! 

That’s all folks! : )


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