środa, 15 stycznia 2014

The story of a nice, snowy Wednesday

Wednesday has been really nice for us and not necessarily because of the arrival of the snow. We were invited to Gimnazjum Nr 2 in Popławy where we had the chance to introduce international voluntary service, our countries and we also prepared a little competition for the students to make the lesson more interesting. We had two lessons, one with a group of about 20 students, the next one was around 30 students. Let’s take a closer look to the events, shall we? :)
Explaining the task to the girls' team

The lesson started with introduction of voluntary service, presented by our dear coordinator, Sylwia. She was also helping us with translation of tasks later on. Then came country presentations. The students got to know more about Russia, its traditions, crazy winter and the Polish village in Siberia. They now also know the height of the Hungarian Parliament, what inventions Hungarian scientists gave the world as well as some basic phrases. After that, the students were split into teams. In case of the first class, we had the boys’ and the girls’ team and at the second class, we divided them in three teams with the popular counting method. The teams had two tasks. 

The boys during some serious work
One was concentrated on Geography of the two countries. They had to find the countries that are not neighbours and for extra points, they could also write the name of the neighbouring country in the correct place on the map. While these were being corrected, a new challenge began: recognising pictures. We were showing the pictures on the projector and the task was to raise the flag of the country where the picture belongs. The fastest one gets the point. Then we added all the points and the team with the biggest number of points was given a certificate to prove their knowledge of Hungarian and Russian culture.

After the lessons have finished and we have eaten our delicious obiad, we had the chance to take a walk in this beautiful, modern and well-equipped school. All teachers were kindly welcoming us and it was great to see that the students enjoyed our visit, as well. For sure, we had a great time and we are looking forward to our next visit! : )
The winner of the second lesson: Team One

To wszystko będzie. Keep warm, everybody!


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