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Pia's visit in Świetlica

Zimowiska in Pułtusk is full of fun. Those who are following our Facebook page know what we are doing, for those who don't I recommend to check our pictures.
The materials for the presentation

Now I would like to quickly tell you about the German day in Świetlica where activities were prepared and run by Pia! Children had the chance to get to know some facts about Germany, traditions, famous sights and basic words.
Children memorised the colours of the flag
Afterwords, they played the chair game with some German kids' music. Everybody had a lot of fun of course. : )

Pia's introduction: 'I am Pia, 18 years and from Germany, but for more or less half a year I am living in Warsaw doing voluntary service. I really enjoyed spending some time in Pultusk, telling the children a little bit about my homecountry in a playful way and seeing that they were interested.'

Pia explaining interesting things about Germany

It was nice to have you here Pia, thanks a lot for the help. This week, another German volunteer, Tom visited us and spent some days with the children at Świetlica. If you would like to know how he felt here and what we've been doing, then our next posts coming soon!

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