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English lessons in Nadleśnictwo

Volunteers in Pułtusk have more and more things to do! To prove this, today I am telling you about English lessons in Nadleśnictwo for its workers. Cooperation with this forest inspection office is not new, we have already had a mikroworkcamp in autumn where we planted about 1,200 trees.

This time, our cooperation does not require much physical work, we are rather concentrating on mental processes. After a technical meeting and some discussion, we set up two groups; a beginner and an intermediate one. Later on, the intermediate was divided into two smaller groups to give more time to everybody to speak during lessons. 
Sometimes, individual explanation is needed
 but we always have fun

The beginner group started with the alphabet and practicing pronouciation of different letter combinations. By now, they are also familiar with basic greetings and with the conjugation of the verb ‘to be’. Most of them did not have any English studies or just very basic so our common language is rather Polish. The level of communication then depends on how much I understand. Luckily,  the daughter of Nadleśnictwo’s boss is coming every week to assist me at these lessons with translation to make my work easier.

Lessons with the intermediate group are mostly about practicing and improving their existing knowledge. They are usually given a text to read and then they have to answer questions and we also have a discussion about it. We also started to revise the tenses and their homework is usually to write a short essay about a given topic.

I really enjoy teaching there, as the people are extremely nice and they seem to be truly interested about learning English. Also, the building of Nadleśnictwo is really beautiful, surrounded by nature, so the 10-minute-bus ride plus 10-15 minutes of walk is absolutely worth it.

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