wtorek, 20 maja 2014

Working Sunday, or a day in Płococholandia

To be honest, work with children from primary school in Płocochowo is always pleasure for me. We’ve been there already 2 times with presentations about Russia and Hungary and every time their eyes were full of curiosity. They are truly thankful audience! And this Sunday after two days of raining the sun appeared and I that meant that this day will be bright and joyful, despite of the fact it was a working Sunday…
Płococholandia is a name of an annual charity event that have been running in Płocochowo already 6 years. Funds that collected from it go for school’s need, this year it’s re-equipments of classes. There were two part of the event: first one was a concert of local musical and dancing collectives, in the second one there were a fair, lottery and different workshops.

After welcoming speech of a director, the concert had started. For me the most catchy performance was from SWAG, a dancing school from Pułtusk. 

They were inflammatory and bright! And of course I will never forget a performance about a train going from a valley of fantasy to a country of fairytales because a song from it was playing in my head all the day long ;-)
In the middle of the concert Sylwia called Zsófi, Kien and me to set our own stand. After testing the idea of creative recycling with children and youth, we decided that it works pretty well and had chosen the topic as a main idea of our stand for Płococholandia. But in the very beginning making owls out of toilet paper rolls and pigs out of empty plastic bottles was not popular among kid, but…our success had started when we suggested them face painting. Yes, it’s really funny, but it had worked as a virus advertisement! Children were staying in a line waiting and had started to be curious how to make all of these funny things. 

Some time later they were coming with friends and parents (by the way, the last were wondering that we make it for free). Personally thanks for Kien who had appeared as a talented painter. British flags are seem to be his specialization, children were asking for them again and again! That’s great that co-working opens people’s skill and let you know people better. Unfortunately, because of the fact that our stand was placing on the grass, we could not run a race of origami frogs that Kien also could teach children.
In the end of the day I realized that Płococholandia had come to the end very soon. I was tired, but happy. I saw smiley faces of children going home and waving goodbye. It seems they had fun with us and if they forget how to make an owl out of toilet paper roll, they will never forget how British flag looks like. And I hope they will not forget Vietnamese, Hungarian and Russian volunteers! 

P.S. big big thanks for Sylwia, Zsófi, Kien for a great working Sunday! 

Have a nice day,

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