wtorek, 10 czerwca 2014

Visit to Zatory

Hi everyone! 
Today we’ve visited Gymnazium in Zatory, which is a small village close to Pułtusk. A teacher of English who invited us and her students met us very warmly and friendly, so running 3 lessons wasn’t so tiring.
We kept our traditional structure - presentations about countries and small quiz in the end to see how attentive our students were. As usual teenagers were very shy at first but then they relaxed and even made a nice presentation about Zatory.So now we know a bit more about Pułtusk district.
Thanks to guys from third class we had a small guide tour and it was a good chance to see school’s everyday life. During this tour we got to know that the school is well-known for outstanding sport achievements – in each class there are many of cups and medals. And it's not wonderful, because they have an outstanding football field outside!

We also saw a kinder garden that is situated just in the building of the school. And on the way to it we’ve met a small educational installiation about Polish villages. Soon our tour came to the end and we left with a good feelings and memories about small and cosy school and its hospitable students and teachers! 

Have a nice day,

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