wtorek, 1 lipca 2014

My arrival

Hi everyone.

One day out of nowhere I decided that I should do something different with my life, having finished my Bachelor and my Master I was looking through internet for different options, thats when one of my friends told me about EVS, at first I was really motivated for it, but as the time was passing and I was sending tons of CVs to different organizations without any answer I started to lose hope.

It was when I decided to focus on some countries only, and they were Czech Republic and Poland, as one of my goals was to learn a Slavic Language, suddenly one organization from Poland put me in contact with COCAT ( a sending organization from Spain ) and they talked with me about a project in a small town in Poland called Pultusk. I started to read about that project and it seemed really interesting, also both organizations, the sending one and the hosting one where writting to me regulary so I was quite happy about it.

Then I told to myself, why not? It has to be a great experience, and it’s something that you have to do when you are still young, as I was telling that to myself I started to send everything needed to them, I had to fly to Barcelona for an interview and then start to book the tickets to go Warsaw, my coordinator offered to pick me up from the airport so I wouldn’t get lost on my way to Pultusk, it seems that Spanish people doesn’t look realiable! ;)

On my way to Pultusk by car, after 16 hours in the airports and planes I was talking with Sylwia about different things of the project, we even had time to pick a girl who was doing hitchikking, when I arrived to the flat there was Daria, some Russian girl, and I also meet Dawid, a guy who was going to help me on my first days, after that and after resting for a while, we were visiting the city, Daria, Dawid and me, and they were telling me the History of it, there is even a beach,  well something like, you can’t call that thing a beach after coming from the coast of Spain, but it has water!

I came back home, a really nice house by the way, and started to prepare to this new experience, in a new place, outside of my confort zone, where the only thing that you can do is to learn how to grow yourself, without any more information about it, I will keep going with this project and see where it gets me, there are some reasons to do this project, let’s see if I can accomplish them.

Take care!


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