środa, 23 lipca 2014

Spanish Evening

Hello Fellas!

Night of 23 of July, a great night indeed, Andrés a Spanish guy decided to organize a Spanish evening in the workcamp, and as a fellow spaniard I was gladly to help with it, first thing was to decided what to do, we wanted to make so many things, but we had problems with the funds from the workcamp, so we had to make a bit less things, still it was great. We decided to prepare, Tortilla de Patatas, Salmorejo, Tomate con Oregano, Sangría and Queso de Cabra con Cebolla Caramelizada, I won’t translate the names to English, as you can see a photo of every dish by clicking in the names it will be enough!

We bought everything at 5pm, even though we were supposed to buy it at 4pm, alcoholic beverages went from our pocket, workcamp don’t supply non healthy things to volunteers!

After it we started to cook every meal, with the suppervision of Michael Tomato, a great guy from China who wanted to learn how to prepare it, or just wanted to eat while we were cooking, who knows, it was funny when we ask him for help with the Sangria and instead of peeling the fruits he was eating them.

We were cooking for 2 hours more or less and people started to get impatient, so we started to bring plates one by one, Polish people don’t wait the cookers to eat!, then with all the food over the table, we were talking, singing, eating, drinking, up to 1 in the morning, when the last ones went to sleep, as on the next morning they had to work hard on the forest again.

Take Care


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