niedziela, 3 sierpnia 2014

Arrival of some volunteers 3rd of August

 Hi everyone!

I guess  I was a bit nervous today, you may ask why, well it is my first workcamp as a leader and my two volunteers came today, Hansol a girl from Korea, and Renata, a Hungarian girl who is living currently in France.

I was sitting in my flat waiting for them, as I didn’t know exactly at what time they may come I couldn’t do anything else, good thing that Dawid came to spend there sometime with me, I was with my computer when suddenly someone knocked the door, as usual, I said, “door is open, come inside” as I though it was one of my friends, although in that moment that girl appeared, Hansol from Korea.

I introduced myself and we were talking for a bit, after that Dawid offered her to go through the city and show something of Pultusk, so there I was alone again, as I couldn’t go far away as I had to wait for Renata arrival. I started to focus on my things and the time went away, Dawid and Hansol came back and Renata was still not there, but after sometime, someone was calling me from outside, I went to the balcony and there was Renata with two people from Pultusk that helped her to arrive to the place, with a really heavy suitcase by the way!

Finally we were all in the place, beds were distributed among them and we talked a bit about what we should do on Monday in the place we were going to work with children, I didn’t know too much as it was my first time going there, so I tried to explain to them as much as I could, in the end we went to rest to get ready for the next day work!

Thanks everyone.

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