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Hansol from South Korea.

Hello people!

I will write a bit about Hansol, one of my volunteers.

She is a girl from South Korea, even when we had a lot of jokes about her being fom North Korea because some strange phone she has, so me along with Kien were telling her that she uses that machine to spy on Poland, but jokes asides she was really nice as he was always smiling of them

At the begging she was a bit more close but it only took her 1-2 days to be open, she was comming before from a workcamp in Germany, its a girl who likes Fashion things as when we were playing “guess who” she usually write names of famous models that noone of us knows

She was interested in teaching kids something about her language and also she likes to sing different songs, most of the time in the nights she was singing with Dawid and the rest of the people in the flat, one of the things I will rememer the most was when we came to eat in an Chinese restaurant and we order a coconut soup (really spicy one), she said that it was level 1 in Korea and there are 5 leves, I don’t want to imagine the 5th level as after 5 spoons of that soup I only wanted to drink water and more water

She is a really sociable person and even though the first time she asked when she came to the flat was the WI-FI password she spent quite a lot time with the rest of us, after that every day that someone was using the phone whie eating we called it Korean day, in honor to Hansol!

For me it was nice to be able to meet her.


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