piątek, 1 sierpnia 2014

Warsaw Uprising

Hello everyone.

Today I will change a bit the topic and I will write about something really great that I saw in Warsaw on the 1st of August. I was told one year ago, by a friend who came to visit me that “please, call me at 5 pm.” So I did. She standed u and started to look in the direction of her country and stayed silent for one minute.

I asked why was that as I didn’t know much about Poland History, and she started to explain the meaning of it and that it was because the uprising that hapened in the Second World War when the people from Poland attacked Germans to give the welcome to the Russians who were entering in the city of Warsaw, some friend also told me that because of that, when Polish people lost, the German army destroyed almost all the city of Warsaw as a revenge, they couldn’t do it with the part of Prague as the Russian army was waiting at the other side of Vistula.

I made the decision to go to see it by myself, as I am an EVS volunteer currently actively in Pultusk it was quite easy for me to move to Warsaw, so I did. I used the chance as well to visit some friends, at 4:30 pm. we finished eating and talking so we went to the car, on our way to the city center, surprise, it was 4:59, and when the clock turned to 5:00 a siren could be listened in all the city, everyone stop theirs cars, even trams, busses, everything was stopped, people in bikes went down their bikes and runners stopped to run,  there was not a single person moving in that momento in the city.

Some ballons appears in the horizon, with the colours red and white as the Polish flag, and people were using “BENGALAS” close to Foksal, my friends were trembling, and something went through my spine and made me feel myself a small part of what happened that day in Warsaw. I was really happy that I could go there and if I have the chance again I will go without a doubt, it doesn’t matter if you are from Warsaw, or from any other city, town, or village in Poland, is something worth seeing, so if you have the chance, I will wait for you next year in the streets of Warsaw, on the 1st of August, at 5pm.


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