czwartek, 23 października 2014

Visit to the high school in Wyszków

Hello everyone!

Today we went to a high school in Wyszków, with the idea to explain a bit about the Spanish and Russian cultures and to talk about how the voluntary service is going along in Spain and in Russia, also to promote a bit the organization "FIYE" in Pultusk.

Firstly Sylwia talked about what is to be a volunteer in Pultusk, and what are the tasks that they do, and how the organization goes, after that, was the turn of Elena, she started to talk about the holidays in Russia, and how they celebrate them, as well as some typical things they do in christmas that not all the countries do, the students were quite interested in that.
After that it was the turn of Hugo, he didn't talk about the global of Spain, but about his region, Andalucia. showing the different autonomic comunities as Huelva, Sevilla, Cadiz, Jaén, Malaga, Cordoba, Granada and Almeria. After that he started to show some differences between a friend from Andalucia and a friend from a different part of Spain, once again the students were having fun.

After that the students were able to spend a bit of time talking with them, about Russia with Elena and about Spain and everything in general with Hugo, the interventions were lasting together around 30 mins, 15 mins of presentation about the countries and 15 min of talking with the students about things they wanted or if they had any question about something, half of the class was going with Elena, and the other half with Hugo.
Also mention that Elena and Hugo talked about how the organizations of the EVS are being held in their countries,  in general was quite interesting the day, with a surprise of a hairdressing contest in the end!

Thanks Everyone for Reading!

środa, 15 października 2014

Gzowo! the adventure with the kids!

Hello Everyone!

Today we went to Gzowo, to a small school that was taking children from different villages close to the town, we had three different classes where we started to speak a bit about Russia and Spain, about Russia Elena speaks about their culture through holidays, and about Spain Hugo started to speak of how the conquest of the arabs and how they throw them back, as well as some cultural aspects.

Also it wasn't the only thing, Elena had some games with the kids and Hugo were teaching them how to dance Macarena, the classes were of 45 minutes, where along with Sylwia the times were 20/20/5 minutes, around 10-15 for the speaking and 5-10 for the games with the children

At the beggining some of the teachers bring Elena and Hugo to the town as they were living in Pultusk, and busses... well you know... they are really slow, so it was a good trip there to Gzowo, after that they were waiting in the teacher room, where they were offered coffee and cookies

They were show the school by the english teacher, the different classes, the new things, the old things, the toilets, the library, the secretary, and every other place inside the school, the kids were nice, the teachers were nice, so the place was comfortable, and the cookies with the coffee were good

In general it was a great experience, and the hope to go back there again.


piątek, 3 października 2014

Language days! ( How to cook with Kien )

Hello again! and the time finally came to the different high schools around Pultusk and in Pultusk! Elena, Dumitria, Kien and a fellow, went there to talk about our countries and our language for the language days!

Here we have Dumitria talking about Romania! mostly where were going school by school and talkign about our culture, and our languages, in some schools the children were enjoying more than in other according to the country we were speaking of.

Kien talking about Vietnam
He became quite famous isn't it?

The question everyone was asking to Kien was how to cook Dogs, as its different than in Poland where you don't eat dog or cat meat, also he was speaking about the Tet holidays and how they use both calendars as well as their 54 etnics in his country along with other things.

Elena pointing at the st Basil Cathedral in Moscow.

She was speaking both Russian and English according to the will of the children, too bad they don't know Spanish so I could express myself better in my presentations!

She was talking about the flag, the weather, the people, and the similarities between both languages, as well as how they made the alphabel for the slavic countries using the latin one.

Quite interesting presentation with a video in the end.

Here I'm using the help of a student who knows a bit of Spanish to read some words that was in my presentation! a big clap to IGA! I was talking mostly about how we take the life, sports, culture, parties, and typical Spanish Sayings.

I even tried to teach people how to dance flamenco with not much success as I'm not good either at it

We have a special guest from Germany who wasspeaking about his part of the country, he waseven wearing the typical clothes from there!

In the end, after three days going from school to school it end good, we give the things to them and some of the students seems to enjoy the days, it was mostly students between 14 and 17 years old. Here is a photo of the team!

Take care people! ;)


Pultusk Days! (The Tent and the Apples!!!)

Hello again! I hope you are having a nice day.

During Pultusk days we had two small events, first one was to walk around the longest main square in Europe or even in the Universe and after that a barbecue, and to held a tent giving information about the organization and making games for the people, so I'll talk about the both cases here.

 In this photo we are doing the walk around the main square, there were plenty of organizations, we were the number 20, Dawid and Elena made the pancarts we are helding, mostly it was walking around to make people see us, there weren't much people. Dawid told me that other years the main square was more crowed, maybe the town need to adapt to the new times and offer more than a walk to the people there.

Anyway it was good, and after that we went to a place to make a barbecue with all the participants and with whoever wanted to join us!

We arrived at around 6 to the fire place, some people were playing voleyball as the world tournament was helding close, actually as I'm writting this I know already that Poland won the final, and other were eating sausages in the fire.

We were around 20-30 people in the barbecue so was quite funny until the mosquitos invade the place, after that we continue the party in Klaudia's house

<- Sylwia and her birthday cake!

She looks so happy!

Kuba working as volunteer in the race ->

Mostly that was all on Saturday, then the Sunday came, tired after the semifinal versus Germany and the correspondent party I woke up to work in the tent with a big smile and a lot of energy! everyone where there, we were working from 9 to 16:30, and we even got a price of participation!

One of the thing we proposed to the children was to make balls using ballons and rice, we went out of rice! and some time ago I heard about Russia blocking the Apples from Poland, so what a better thing to do that to use apples to make games for children, in the background you can see those two girls having fun trying to eat the apple without using the hands.

We even had a competition based on time, and some prices!

Our expert painter Sylwia was helping also, look at the queue of children wanting to paint their faces! and at this moment of the day there weren't that much, in the end both Elena and me had to help also with the paintings, also Olga came to help us a bit later with this matter. The children were having fun, so we were happy for that, also their families were asking about us, so I guess the things went nice. At around 2 I took my break for eating.

During all the day there were different tents around the square, with different topics, my favourite one, the one from the cooking school, that was giving away free food for everyone. Was really tasty, too bad I found out that thing after eating my lunch, so I couldn't try that much!

But the best moment of the day, well the last actually, was when Sylwia, my coordinator had to go to get the price of colaboration! There is a nice photo about it.

She is that girl with the black t-shirt. Of course it was promoting our organization, so in the end the day went good, and after that, at least in my case, that I was totally tired a good Spanish "siesta".
Special mention in this day to Roman and Zsofia, who came from Warsaw to help us to arrange things, and all the volunteers from Nadlesnictwo who came on Saturday for the walk around the main square as well as the Pultusk people who colaborated with us during both days!, oh yeah! and everyone else who was present there!!! It was funny to spend that day with all of you people.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writting about it. Have a nice day!