środa, 15 października 2014

Gzowo! the adventure with the kids!

Hello Everyone!

Today we went to Gzowo, to a small school that was taking children from different villages close to the town, we had three different classes where we started to speak a bit about Russia and Spain, about Russia Elena speaks about their culture through holidays, and about Spain Hugo started to speak of how the conquest of the arabs and how they throw them back, as well as some cultural aspects.

Also it wasn't the only thing, Elena had some games with the kids and Hugo were teaching them how to dance Macarena, the classes were of 45 minutes, where along with Sylwia the times were 20/20/5 minutes, around 10-15 for the speaking and 5-10 for the games with the children

At the beggining some of the teachers bring Elena and Hugo to the town as they were living in Pultusk, and busses... well you know... they are really slow, so it was a good trip there to Gzowo, after that they were waiting in the teacher room, where they were offered coffee and cookies

They were show the school by the english teacher, the different classes, the new things, the old things, the toilets, the library, the secretary, and every other place inside the school, the kids were nice, the teachers were nice, so the place was comfortable, and the cookies with the coffee were good

In general it was a great experience, and the hope to go back there again.


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