piątek, 3 października 2014

Language days! ( How to cook with Kien )

Hello again! and the time finally came to the different high schools around Pultusk and in Pultusk! Elena, Dumitria, Kien and a fellow, went there to talk about our countries and our language for the language days!

Here we have Dumitria talking about Romania! mostly where were going school by school and talkign about our culture, and our languages, in some schools the children were enjoying more than in other according to the country we were speaking of.

Kien talking about Vietnam
He became quite famous isn't it?

The question everyone was asking to Kien was how to cook Dogs, as its different than in Poland where you don't eat dog or cat meat, also he was speaking about the Tet holidays and how they use both calendars as well as their 54 etnics in his country along with other things.

Elena pointing at the st Basil Cathedral in Moscow.

She was speaking both Russian and English according to the will of the children, too bad they don't know Spanish so I could express myself better in my presentations!

She was talking about the flag, the weather, the people, and the similarities between both languages, as well as how they made the alphabel for the slavic countries using the latin one.

Quite interesting presentation with a video in the end.

Here I'm using the help of a student who knows a bit of Spanish to read some words that was in my presentation! a big clap to IGA! I was talking mostly about how we take the life, sports, culture, parties, and typical Spanish Sayings.

I even tried to teach people how to dance flamenco with not much success as I'm not good either at it

We have a special guest from Germany who wasspeaking about his part of the country, he waseven wearing the typical clothes from there!

In the end, after three days going from school to school it end good, we give the things to them and some of the students seems to enjoy the days, it was mostly students between 14 and 17 years old. Here is a photo of the team!

Take care people! ;)


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