czwartek, 23 października 2014

Visit to the high school in Wyszków

Hello everyone!

Today we went to a high school in Wyszków, with the idea to explain a bit about the Spanish and Russian cultures and to talk about how the voluntary service is going along in Spain and in Russia, also to promote a bit the organization "FIYE" in Pultusk.

Firstly Sylwia talked about what is to be a volunteer in Pultusk, and what are the tasks that they do, and how the organization goes, after that, was the turn of Elena, she started to talk about the holidays in Russia, and how they celebrate them, as well as some typical things they do in christmas that not all the countries do, the students were quite interested in that.
After that it was the turn of Hugo, he didn't talk about the global of Spain, but about his region, Andalucia. showing the different autonomic comunities as Huelva, Sevilla, Cadiz, Jaén, Malaga, Cordoba, Granada and Almeria. After that he started to show some differences between a friend from Andalucia and a friend from a different part of Spain, once again the students were having fun.

After that the students were able to spend a bit of time talking with them, about Russia with Elena and about Spain and everything in general with Hugo, the interventions were lasting together around 30 mins, 15 mins of presentation about the countries and 15 min of talking with the students about things they wanted or if they had any question about something, half of the class was going with Elena, and the other half with Hugo.
Also mention that Elena and Hugo talked about how the organizations of the EVS are being held in their countries,  in general was quite interesting the day, with a surprise of a hairdressing contest in the end!

Thanks Everyone for Reading!

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