sobota, 6 grudnia 2014

Christmas meeting for Volunteers and habitants of Pultusk


For saturday 6th we decided to organize some kind of meeting, call it party, for volunteers from Pultusk and Warsaw as well as anyone from Pultusk who would like to come for it, the idea came as the day before was the international volunteer day, so we wanted to do something related to it plus a christmas like dinner.

Firstly we started to think in how to do it so after a few talks we decided that everyone, or a group of a few people should cook something and bring the meeting that was held in the office, thanks to that we had different kind of food, there will be a photo of the menu later, but in general we had some cakes, food for a few countries and the force to eat it all! that was the most important thing there

Sylwia, our coordinator, has the great idea to give special Badges to every person who went to that meeting, so we lined up together and she started to do an amazing speech about things I barely remember, but that were imprinted in my mind, and after she gave a badge to everyone, we also made one for her as she deserve it for the hard work she is doing!

We started then with the karaoke, at the beggining people were a bit shy to sing, but as the night was passing more and more people started to sing, there we were talking, eating, singing, around
 25-30 people for the international volunteer day meeting, we started that meeting at around 6pm and it ended at 5 am, so it means that people were having fun and enjoying the time with all of us

In general was a great experience that we would like to repeat again, the worst part was the cleaning before going to sleep ;)

Oh I almost forgot! the present thing! We were exchanging presents with each others.

Take care!

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