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Cooking in Pultusk


Today I went to Zespól Szkól im. B. Prusa to talk about different dishes I could cook to teach them, we were talking about the dishes Me (Hugo), Sylwia and one of the teachers of the school "name" and about the different possibilities I could teach to the students, we were discussing about different kind of meals, like starters ( Tapas ) main dishes, desserts, salads, etc. the options were the following:

For tapas we had: Pincho de anchoas, Cebolla caramelizada con queso de cabra, Tomate con oregano and Huevos rellenos

As starter we had Gazpacho, that is a tradicional cold soup made of vegetables, with the main ingredient tomatoes

as a main dishes we had Paella and tortilla de patatas

and torrijas for dessert.

After the talking with the teacher they agreed on the idea and we arrange the meeting for the next Tuesday where I should go to buy the food with one of the teachers to Lidl on Monday, to prepare everything for the next day, and so we went to Lidl and bought everything, maybe a bit more than expected, but its better to have an excess than to have a lack of ingredients.

Everything was ready and set for the next day, I had to wake up at 7 in the morning! yeah! even if don't believe it, for me it was a crazy time to start cooking or teaching how to cook the different dishes! but is something that I like so it wasn't that much problem, I was just a bit sleepy at the beggining

We arrived to the school at around 8, Elena and me, and we meet with the teacher so we went to the kitchen, quite amazing kitchen, really big and a place for everyone with a lot of things for cooking, the mood of the people was nice and they were ready to start cooking, and they were quite interested in that, also they were funny and talkative, so it's always a pleasure to work with people who likes to talk and are not like robots

We started making 6 groups of people and each group were going to cook a recipe, aditionally 2 groups were cooking two more dishes and everyone else who choosed could cook a small paella

to decide what group will cook everything we wrote the names of the recipes in pappers and then they took a papper, we had 6 groups and 8 dishes, they started to cook, while I was explaining the what to do and how to do it, and oving around the kitchen helping the in what I could, I also had the help of the teachers from the school and from the own students,

After around 3 hours of cooking the food were ready, and we all started to try the different dishes, also the director from the school were there with us eating the different dishes.

They asked us to go there again so I supposed that they really liked it, I was really happy as people seems that they were having a good time, some dishes were better, some needed a bit of salt maybe, or the rice a bit more done, but for the first time, the general taste was really good, so we had a good meal all together

Thanks for reading! now time to eat!

P.S All photos belong to  Zespól Szkól im. B. Prusa

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