środa, 10 grudnia 2014

The good deeds of Christmas time!

Hello ! We were thinking what to do, we wanted to do something nice to other people, so there we go!, Let's make cookies for seniors and spend a christmas day with childrens in the day care center

So there we started with the cookies! sweet isn't it? we bought the things needed to make around 200-300 cookies and actually it was the first time for us to make those kind of cookies, so the day before we practice a bit with the recipe, we burnt the first ten cookies tho, but well, thats how you improve.

On Friday we started to prepare the mass, early in the morning to let it rest for an hour in the fridge

We started after that to look for some box to put the cookies inside, it was quite funny us going from shop to shop asking for that, in the end it wasn't needed, well the main point.

We started to prepare the cookies, we gave them shape and we start to bake them after that the fun part started, decorate the cookies with children!

It was funny, and in the end we had more cookies than expected we even made some custom cookies or rabbit face cookies, children and some seniors were working and eating together during the work, good thing we had enough to save for the next Friday!

Enjoy watching and don't eat too much sugar! 

Then on Tuesday we went to the day care center, dressed as fat santa and slim santa, to spend some time with those children who helped us with the cookies as well to give them some presents, yes always candys!

First we ask for some Santa costumes as the real one was too fat to leave lapland and join us, christmas was close so he asked me the personal favor of replacing him, we didn't have a grinch so things went good, still I like the grinch a bit.

So we went there, and we started to sing songs with children and to play with them, yeah we also took photos so we can send to the big Santa there in lapland, we want our presents also you know? so we have to be nice, though in my country the ones who give us the presents are the three wise men, and not this fatty candy eater

Actually first photo looks like a pyjama, but I can't help it, working in that belly right now...

Well we gave them some sweet as a presents for saying songs and good wishes for the others, and we were talking and playing with them, also we prepared some spanish dessert for them, rice with milk, but it seems that not many of them enjoyed it, when you have food on the plate you have to eat! but for children it can be tough to try new tastes and flavors, still there was one kid who ate almost everyone else plate!

Well then with these Santa apprentices we left today! they have to eat more still! :)


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