środa, 17 grudnia 2014

The Christmas Dinner!


We were invite for a Christmas dinner, in a school, so we decided to prepare some food for them, as well as bring some songs from Russia and Spain, so the first day we started to look for some songs as well as for the lyrics, once we had the songs we started to prepare our food. Huevos Rellenos, from the Spanish side, and Blini from the Russian side, the organization also prepared some present for them.

Well it was mmmh Wednesday, and everything was ready, so we to the school, we put our food in the table along with all the other food, for me was something new, this kind of thing, as we don't do something similar in Spain, we have christmas dinner and so on, but we do in a different way than they did here, at least from the part I come from and from my school I never had something like this.

We were all sitting around the table, the lights were low and there was a nun in the room, first the teachers started to talk to say thanks to the people and so on, and after that the nun started a speech, I didn't understand it but I guess it was related with the christmas festivity, I'm not a religious person so I didn't understand that thing pretty well, but everyone were silent and paying attention, after that she give us Opłatek that we had to share with people, and wish them something good at the time you break a piece and share with them, you can wish also something bad! but it's Christmas so lets everyone enjoy :D

After that we started for me the best party! eating and singing songs in different languages, the was also pierogi, some cake, fruits, some kind of fish, I don't like fish at all so I didn't even bother to ask for the name of that dish, well... actually I like fish, but I prefer beef, there were a lot of sweets and the decoration was really nice, with small lights under the tablecloth was giving it a beautiful view

We were there for about two hours,  and after everything was over and everything cleaned we started to pack back our things, to take some rests of the food, ( never throw food! ) and to head back home after spending a nice evening with people and with a big smile and a full stomach!

Have a nice day!

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