piątek, 20 lutego 2015

Competition at the Day-care Center

Hello fellas, today Tomek a citizen from Pułtusk, wanted to do something with us and with the children in the day care center.  So the first thing was to think of what we could do together with him, that made us to make a meeting in the office the previous week and go to the day-care center on Wednesday to check the materials and the space there.

After a few discussions and a few talking we decided to do some kind of sport competition, the main problem was that the ladies wouldn't let us to do sports outside saying that the weather was too cold and it was dangerous for the kids, so we have to think of what we could do inside the room, in the space we had, and with the kids we were having that day, so then we decided to do some basic physical and skill of sport tests, as well as a quiz about sports, and in the end a table tennis competition.

But now the fun part of the competition, choose the prices, we had a budget of 20 złoty so first the idea of money price came to us but we couldn't do it for different reasons. Then we start to think what to buy for the winner and for all the participants, with the money we had, and even if is not the most healthy thing to give after sports, but well... they are kids after all, we bought some sweet things to them, a box of chocolates for the winner and lolipops for the rest.

The competition started, the first part was physical skills, were we had long distance run and a speed test

On the long jump competition, they had to jump with the two feet together, and in a single spot, the record of that competition was 146 centimiters and in the race they had to make 5 rounds around the 2 chairs separated by each other by 10 meters, the record here was 28,71 seconds

After that we had a skill competition where you have to kick a ball, without falling it down for the most hits possible and a quiz competition where Tomek was asking the children different questions. Record on kicking was 14

And then lastly we had the table tennis competition, to make off the tie in the finals!, in general was a nice day there and the kids were enjoying it. would be nice to be able to do it again.

Take Care! :)

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