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Pancakes day to celebrate the end of the Russian Carnival

Hello! Today we had thanks to the colaboration of Sasha the day of the pancakes to conmemorate the end of the Russian Carnival, the idea was to gather people from different places and countries, of course also from Pultusk, to prepare everyone typicall pancakes from their countries, to share it with the rest of the assistants

The meeting was going to be interesting, at the beggining Sasha explained us about the different traditions in his country, and was showing some videos to us as well, the one I liked the most was when they have to climb a snow castle to take the flag, while the rest of the people try you don't climb it, according to him, before they were using horses and so on, but not anymore, so it became a bit softer

After some talking between us, the main part of the event started, A few Kilos of pancakes getting ready to be devoured by all of us, there was a lot of kinds of, sweet pancakes swimming in condensed milk, normal pancakes with jam, pancakes made with mushrooms, some filled with meat and mushrooms, and my favourite one, that I would call it a pancake cake, it was a cake shaped composed by different pancakes, with salmon, white cheese, spinach, and many other things, that was really delicious.

We also had pancakes from Stefan and form Alicja, one with Apples other with jam, the assistance was of 15 people, We had a girl from Greece, two girls from Portugal, one girl from Germany, one girl from Italy, two boys from Spain, and the rest of people from Pultusk, and small towns close to it, a total of 15 people as said without forgetting Sasha and Ignat from Russia

The event was supposed to start at 14:00 and last until 20:00, but it was delayed a bit, because the international people were a bit late with their busses, there was also a Karaoke to sing while eating and after eating, we were eating for 6 hours, and more people were joining later. At around 8 p.m the volunteers from Warsaw had to leave by bus back home,

Everyone enjoyed the day and they liked the pancakes and were really happy about it, Would be nice to do similar things in the future, meetings with food.

The overall experience was good and it went smoth all the time, enjoy your pancakes and see you soon!

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