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Walentynkowy bal dla seniorów 

One day during my on-arrival training our Warsaw guide, EVS volunteer in the past, opened before us the beauty of Old Town. The Wedding Palace, the one of the most beautiful and historical building, were rebuilt after the World War II and everybody plighted lovers want to have a registration of marriage and weddings here. At this time the old couple went out of the Palace. “Never too late”, said our guide smiling. 
 “Never too late” can say seniors of Pultusk who celebrated St. Valentines Day on 14th of February in Dom Polonii. Never too late to remember about simple gladness – love. Our organization FIYE was invited to Valentines ball in Dom Polonii to help seniors spend this day joyfully and interesting. 
During whole week before this holiday we start to prepare different thing needed for this ball. First of all we created two beautiful crowns for king and queen from gold paper, then – 12 cotillions for special dance competition and two photo buds – big heart and golden carnival frame with masks. Now we can hold different master-class and workshops from paper :-)

On 14th of February in some hall of Dom Polonii we prepared the place for photo making – light, photo buds, chairs. Our local volunteer Sylwia made  photos of happy couples whole day. Yes, we cann't show you photo of main participants with our frames, but you can enjoy this photo: 

Ball started from a song that was devoted to Pultusk as a part of town contest “How inhabitians of Pultusk love their town”, then one of pani read her own poem.


In generally seniors spent their time very funny and happy: had a lot of food, dance a lot, smiling and laughing. In the end we held our dance competition. We chose 12 women and 12 men who took cotillions and found each other who had the same numbers. And 12 couples start to dance during 4 different songs. At that time other seniors tried to choose the best pair. 
12th couple became the winners and king and queen of ball. They was presented our handmade crowns and champagne.

Another participants aren't left without presents. 

           Our FIYE organization take active part in this kind of meeting for seniors. So read our blog and be informed.

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