sobota, 28 marca 2015

Easter with Seniors.

Hello Hello! so we were going to prepare easter food for seniors, we wanted to cook some dessert from Russia and some starter from Spanish, even when the Spanish one is not typical for easter they wanted eggs.

We went to Osrodek Wsparcia Srodowiskowego, Zaulek Street to prepare the food, we boiled eggs and made the pasta for the cake, and waited there until it was ready, after a few hours almost everything was ready, even tho the cake was a bit strange, but still, was edible, the things for the eggs were saved to prepare on the next day, also old people from pultusk were preparing food there

From 11 to 15 we were there cooking and after that we went back home to wait for the next day.

The next day in the morning I came to finish my food and after that we started to serve food upstair and we sitted with the seniors to start eating.

but first like an hour of speechs and the priest putting water in the food, in the end was nice, lot of food, and people were enjoying it. Join us next year!

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