sobota, 21 marca 2015

Hello Hello everyone! :D

This Saturday 21th of March Hugo went along with Aleksandr to the University of Humanities of Pultusk. The teacher Joanna wanted Hugo to explain a bit of Spanish to some of the youngest students they had there, that belong to the children university, Sylwia, the coordinator of the project agreed with it,and the preparations started for the event. The main idea was to show the children different parts of Spain, like Geography, Food, Culture, some words, and we also singed a song.

The lessons started at 12:00, thus we arrived to the Uniersity at 11:45 to be sure that we weren't late, we started preparing the projector to see if everything was ready and fine, and after that the people started to arrive to the class, first children and then the parents of the children, until we were around 30 people there.

The beggining was a presentation of us, were Joanna introduced me and Sasha, and then I started with a bit introduction about Spain, what is it, where is it, and so on. After that we started with the geography and typical dishes, the best part started when we were teaching them the alphabet and a few words and of course the time we were singing.

We had two songs prepared, thanks to Aleksandr, Capitan Cobarde of Albertucho and Susanita tiene un Ratón. People were singing with us or at least trying and as a farewell we prepared for them a "tortilla de patatas" sadly not much of the children like it, but their parents do, so we can say that there was something for everyone ;)

Enjoy the week and see you soon!

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