środa, 22 kwietnia 2015


Hello, I will write today about a workshop we had about hate speech, it was held both in Pultusk and in Warsaw, and I was taking actively part in the one of Warsaw that was in English but I was aswell a participant in the Polish one which took part in Pultusk as a listener.

So the workshop was lead by two girls, Aleksandra and Anna, aka Ola and Ania, they are two Polish girls who work in Warsaw and are spreading the fight against hate speech around the habitants of different Polish cities.

At the beginning of the workshop we started with some ice breaking games, to know each other and our names, we put as well pappers with our names in our chest, but before that they explained the rules of the meeting, like no interruptions and respect for the participants of the meeting

The first part was the introduction about what the workcamp was going about and telling us what was the parts of the meetings as well as the breaks we were going to do and how it was going to be directed.

Then we start with the first step, what is for use "Hate Speech", they give numbers to the participants to make groups and then a small time to discuss between the groups what is hate speech for them, so they started to discuss and share definitions between themselves until they agreed on one definition, and after that, they merge those small groups into two a bit bigger groups to make them discuss their own definitions again and have a clear one to show to the rest of the people, it was nice talk and everyone got their conclusions, after that they told us the definition according to the European Commision.

after that we were talking about our thoughs on the topic and then we had a coffee break.

Then we started again and we analized different situations that can happen in the daily life and they wanted us to tell our opinion about it, so we were talking and discusing again, the good thing is the wide variety of opinions.

then we had some kind of simulation where you get into the role of a different person, such as a bling man, old woman, etc. and they ask you questions and you have to advance if you could do it or stay if you couldn't, it makes us to be in the feet of someone else life, still the interpretations were different according to the positivism of the person, so from the same role can be different results.

In the end we had a summary and we talked about everything, was a good meeting and I hope they can continue with it in different places.

See you soon!

poniedziałek, 13 kwietnia 2015

Meeting about Spanish Culture

Hello everyone!

This Monday after the Spanish Lessons we organized a meeting for Students from Pultusk, the meeting was about Spain, so we prepared Spanish food like Paella, Tortilla de Patatas and Gazpacho, and we started to talk about Spain and different possibilities and differences between Spain and Poland,

In general the meeting was good, and after talking about Spain, we were talking about workcamps and the possibilities they offer, as well as about a meeting we have on Saturday at 12:00, that will last until 15:00, about hate speech, you should come, will be very nice, and you will learn a lot!

It was a pleasure to write to you today, see you next time.

środa, 8 kwietnia 2015

How to go for EVS

Today we went to Centrum Integracji z Rynkiem Pracy (CIRP) to talk with them about how to go for an EVS in different countries and the possibilities it gives to them.

wtorek, 7 kwietnia 2015

Cheap Travelling

Today we are going to Sumarize the meeting about the cheap travelling.

By Bus

Simply, look for a bus and travel around Europe with a cheap prices, some of our volunteers do that thing, using services like Polskibus.pl or Ecolines.net, you also have LuxExpress with the "economic" part Simple. there are a los of connection to different countries of Easter and Central Europe, and if booked earlier the prices start from 25 cents.


By Car.

Here the options that the volunteers prefer are "BlaBlaCar" or simply hitchhikking, this is the cheapest way, if you want to spend a bit more you can always find a group of five people and rent a car, take into consideration, that for crossing country borders with a rented car there is an extra insurance you have to pay.

By Plane.

Here comes the fastest and in some cases the cheapest way to travel, you know about those low cost companies? with flights at not common times? well, there are tons of them, and you can travel for example from Poland to Spain for just 20€, I will put a wide list of low cost companies after, but remember that there is also good offers that people post in internet, and pages like lastminute.com where you can find exceptional offers just one day before

Ryanair, Easyjet, GermanWings, Wizzair, Spanair, Vueling, AirSerbia, Nikki, are some of the cheapest ones, they don't offer the same quality of services inside the plane as the normal ones, but the quality and security of the planes are totally the same.

and much more!

Now you arrive to your destination, and you are wondering where to stay? Well, depend on the country, but in most cases the options are the same, Hotel  > Apartment > AirRnR > Hostel > Pensions/Albergs > CouchSurfing

to find those places, use pages like booking.com, tripadvisor.com, hostelworld.com and similars


There is a good way to travel, WORKCAMPS, ERASMUS, VOLUNTEERING, AIESEC, AEGEE, for more information about workcamps check www.fiye.pl. as is long to explain in a blog, anyway. Explore the world, and discover the posibilities

if you have any question about where to travel, and some tips, feel free to comment and we will answer.

More information about Erasmus, and Aiesec is comming soon in separate posts, for AEGEE check http://www.aegee.org/

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