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Portuguese day

                                                                Hello our favourite readers!

                                           I hurry up to tell you how we spend last Saturday :-)

       One of Warsaw volunteers from SPW, Carla from Portugal, was invited by our Academy of Humanities to tell about her country and culture to children. We already had that kind of meeting about Spanish culture.
Carla works with disable people in Helenów and she was glad to visit us and to share her knowledges.

       During one hour she was telling us about geography of Portugal showing interesting map with famouse sights and names of known people. Portugal is a very warm country near sea and we decided to go there one day :-) 

       Except that we watched a little video, tried to learn some basic phrases like "My name is..." or "Thank you" playing a game, sang a song and drew a flag. 

       Carla put on the floor different pictures of car, house, flower and so on said the names in Portuguese and children have to run first to the right picture. 

  Our volunteer spoke English with kids and some of them understood her quite good. In despite of that children were little noisy the meeting was a success and cognitive. 

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  1. I'm sure that all the kids there were so happy that time. You can their smiles and how they looked okay. Wish that me and my friends can do this kind of children's outreach in the Philippines. Anyway, thanks for this wonderful post! I will share this to my friends!