wtorek, 2 czerwca 2015

Children's festival in Helenów

       1-st of July is a traditional holiday - International Children's Day: the General Assembly of UN suggested that the universal celebration of the World Day of the child will serve to strengthen solidarity and cooperation between the nations. Traditionally  there are different activities for children and charity events during this day. 
          2-nd of July our partner organization  Stowarzyszenie Promocji Wolontariatu took part in celebration of  Children's day in Helenów. And we as a volunteers, of course, was invited. During preparation we proposed to take our photobuds to let children and there parents to make interesting photos with hats, lips, mustache and so on or with big red heart, which we was making with big love for St. Valentines day. Besides we bought some paints for painting faces.

           At around 10 we started. Our Warsaw volunteers prepared the table with paper and paints, where children spend their time drawing. We put there our photobuds and began to wait, if some will come or not. Actually there were a lot of organizations, which provided different activities as games, carousels. We worked near big stage, where ware different performance. 

           Later we found that no one can paint faces. We let one of Warsaw volunteers starts and then became more brave to paint ugly faces :-)


          And we worked 3 hours non-stop painting butterflys, cats, dogs. tigers. Right now me and Claudia from Honduras are pro! 
          After break we came back and spend some time on the grass listening music. More photo for you:

Have a good time and protect children,


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