środa, 13 maja 2015

Intercultural Meeting

Hello everyone!

Today, 14th of May, there was the idea to organize a meeting about intercultural shock and how the different cultures behave, the reason under this thing was that some of the people from Pultusk will soon go to workcamps around Europe and we wanted to talk with them about the things they can find there and how they can understand them, as well as to show how can they could even create their own culture from nothing.

The beggining of the meeting started with Hugo and Sasha cooking some food for the guests, so at the beggining of the afternoon we went outside, with tables and chairs, and we put some plates with paella, apples and tea for the people who wanted to join us

With the time more and more people were coming so we had to bring down more food and some more tea, it started at 4pm, and we were taking our food beggining until 5pm. 

Later for the proper meeting we had to go upstairs, to start with the introduction. We introduced ourselves to the guests and after that we started for the beggining of the program. There we talked a bit about what they know about intercultural related things, and we were in that point for about 30 minutes, where Sylwia was explaining to them and they were sharing their experiences and their thoughs.

After that we proposed them a game, where they had to form two groups, and each group had to create a different culture, with their own rules and laws, we gave them some time for this task, and they started to create the different cultures in different places of the meeting zone, avoiding the share of ideas between groups to see if they will be able to create unique cultures that doesn't have anything to do with the other, on this activity, we gave them some rule, one of the group was creating a culture with a warm weather, and the other one with a cold weather.

When the time passed we encouraged them to craete their own city, and we gave them different materials.

They started to create their own "habitat" and they even created their own god in a water boiler machine. We asked about what was their culture, and the things they had on it, and we asked how they did decide to make it like that.

We listen to their stories and then we gave them the possibility to build a bridge to the other culture that was created by the other group. Telling them that by sacrificing some of their goods they could reach the other culture. When they built the bridge they were supposed to send "emisaries" to get known things about the other cultures and so they did, the point or the idea we had in mind was them to share and talk about their cultures, but happens totally the opposite, they closed themselves in their cultures rejecting to talk with them about anything, thus after the estipulated time they came back to their own "city".

We asked why that happened and what was the reason of their decisions, explaining them our idea. In the end we were talking about the conclusion of the meeting, what they learned and what it could be improved in future meetings.

After everything we just spent some time hanging around and talking about different things related to the intercultural shock and how to prevent and get used to it

I hope to see you all there next time, have a nice day.

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