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Powiatowe Forum Organizacji Edukacyjnych

Saturday 14th of June, sunny day, around 30ºC, and some people starting to mount the tents and organizing the tables, thats how it started.

We arrived at the backyard of the library at around 10:00 in the morning, as the main event started at 13:00 we had 3 hours to prepare everything, it was the first big event organized by the organization this year in Pultusk, first we decided the place where we were going to put the different tents and where we were going to organize the games and the competitions for people who would like to come.

In total we were 8 organizations taking part on it, at the beggining for them there was a welcome breakfast, cookies, tea, fruits, and cold water, to start the day with energy!

Colaboratos in forum: Stowarzyszenie Centrum Miedzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu, Fundacja Centrum Zrównawozonego Rozwoju "Horyzonty", Fundacja "Przyszlosc w nauce", Fundacja Aktywizacji Spolecznej "Równaj Szanse" Stowarzyszenie Cech Rzemiosl Róznych i Przedsiedbiorczosci w Pultusku Stowarzyszenie Towarzystwo Naukowe "Educare", Humanistyczny Uniwersytet dla Dzieci Stowarzyszenie "Razem dla Jedynki" (przy Gimnazjum nr 1) Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciól Szokly "Trojeczka" (przy SP3), and from the authorities: Katarzyna Jankowska Dyrektor Wydzialu Edukacji, Kultury, Zdrowia i Sportu, Starostwo Powiatowe w Pultusku.

In the picnic part, the organizations taking part were: Stowarzyszenie Centrum Miedzynarodowej Wymiany Mlodziezy i Wolontariatu, doing bubbles, animals with balloons, paiting faces, organizing different competitions, and running a fast cooking workshop. Fundacja Centrum Zrownawozonego Rozwoju "Horyzonty", that was doing an exhibition about global education. Fundacja "Przyszlosc w nauce" was doing a chemical show. Stowarzyszenie Cech Rzemiosl Roznych i Przedsiebiorczosci w Pultusku. Stowarzyszenie Towarzystwo Naukowe "Educare" that was doing animals from balloons and figures from plastiline. Humanistyczny Uniwersytet dla Dzieci that were doing bracelets, origami and talking about egypt. Stowarzyszenie "Razem dla Jedynki" (przy Gimnazjum nr1) 3 students with materials about the activities of the association.

At 13:00 everything started. Aleksandra was doing interviews to whoever wanted to talk about their organization, as the main event started more and more people were arriving to the place to spend their time with us and to get to know the different participants who were taking part in the piknik. in the back part of the tents we had a few volunteers doing different things with the people who were coming close to them, Elena and Natalia were making different animals, flowers, "things" using large balloons, as well as teaching to the people how to do it. Hugo was making giang bubbles along with Natalia from time to time as well as organizing some competitions or other games for people who were approaching to where he was.

Together with the various activities from members of FIYE there was some volunteers like Emil, who was playing music and Iga who was in charge to take photos during the event. As stated before there were people making figures with plastiline in the University tent and close to eat and as well in the empty space in front of the tent was the science club showing to the people some experiments.

As the time was passing the people were going to the different stands and getting to know a bit of everything, the best part was that there were always new people coming to the event, giving it the effect we wanted to give, so more and more people from Pultusk were knowing about the organizations and what they can do with and for them.

When the even was almost over it was the time of three competitions for kids, with rewards, and a time to show a bit of cooking, Hugo was preparing Patatas Ali-Oli and Tomato and Oregan Salad, and Elena made bliny both Salty and Sweet, and the games we used for the competitions were, Limbo, a game in which you had to move water from one bucket to another and one where you had to eat apples that were in a rope without using your hands.

On a side note, to make the bubbles, as people were asking, you need per 10 parts of Destillated Water 1 part of Fairy and a teaspoon of Gliceryne.

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